Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

Improve Device Uptime, and Reduce Printing Costs With MPS

Meridian's managed print services (MPS) help organizations throughout Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland assess, manage, and optimize their print environment to reduce printing costs, free up capital, and eliminate the burden of supporting and maintaining your printing infrastructure.

What is Managed Print Services For Your Business?

Improving efficiency, productivity, and collaboration requires a customized management strategy for your networked and local print devices.

With Managed Print Services, we tailored solutions combining consulting, hardware, software, and workflow management.

Gain visibility into devices, volume by user, and more to empower cost control, operational improvement, and business growth.

Managed Print Services

The Benefits of Managed Print Services

Whether you’re an experienced IT professional or a business executive, selecting a third-party managed IT provider can help your business save time and resources so you’re able to focus on more important matters. Beyond cutting costs and solving IT capacity issues, choosing the right MSP can accelerate your business’s digital transformation, improve organizational communications, and enhance the customer experience.

Predictable Costs

Eliminate unpredictable expenses, including consumables, preventative maintenance, and repairs, with an all-inclusive monthly flat fee.

Reduced Output Costs

You can’t improve what you can’t track. We start by establishing a print cost baseline to improve budgeting and the development of future cost-saving strategies.

Increase Print Security

Implement a robust print security program to detect cyberattacks, prevent breaches, and protect your devices and data—giving you peace of mind.

Managed Print Solutions (MPS)

Meridian takes a holistic print management approach, combining consulting, hardware, software implementation, and workflow management to offer your company an all-inclusive service at a predictable monthly price. Discover how MPS can solve your print environment challenges.

Help Desk Support

Solve complex print issues with access to a 24/7 support center. Our certified print experts directly support your IT team, whether that’s the heavy lifting of day-to-day management or providing in-person employee training as needed. Customized training sessions maximize investments and enable your employees to unlock the full potential of your printing equipment.

  • 24/7 help desk support
  • Easy-to-use online video tutorials
  • Customized onsite employee training
  • Secure, web-based customer support
Help Desk Support

Fleet Management

Boost your productivity and device uptime with proactive print fleet management. Our print monitoring specialists will carefully manage, secure, and monitor the entire fleet of devices across your remote and office workforce. Existing equipment is monitored proactively to prevent issues before they arise, ensuring peak device functionality and minimizing costly emergency repair by:

  • Remote fleet monitoring
  • Analyzing print and copy output
  • Real-time reporting on current efficiency status
  • Identifying which equipment to upgrade and when
  • Automated meter reads to improve billing accuracy
  • Automated supplies replenishment (paper, toner, cartridges)
Fleet Management

Device & Data Security

Sensitive data faces risks at multiple access points in a company’s network, including MFPs and endpoints prone to hacking. Equipping devices with automated security features is crucial to mitigate risk without universal machine security. We use hard drive locks, encryption, automatic data deletion, and timed data overwrite to protect information.

  • bizhub SECURE Healthcare, built to provide healthcare organizations with an MFP that complies with HIPAA technical requirements
  • bizhub SECURE Platinum is an enhanced service that provides added focus on the requirements of PCI for Finance
  • Shield Guard provides a cloud-based platform that collects information about the security status of all your devices.
  • Track Document Breaches
  • Authentication Options
  • Secure Direct Messaging for Healthcare
Print Environment Assessment

Analytics, Usage & Optimization

As your needs change and new technologies emerge, we’ll provide additional recommendations for optimization. Our print specialists help identify underperforming and under-utilized devices that no longer align with your objectives and replace them with efficient machines that best meet your evolved printing needs through:

  • Periodic account reviews focusing on improving workflow and further reducing costs
  • Determining how much you’re spending per device and its cost-per-print (CPP)
  • Tracking how much volume is being generated per device, by department and by user
  • Minimizing the total cost of ownership
  • Maximizing space with right-size equipment
  • Reducing print costs with flexible financing and leasing options
Analytics, Usage & Optimization

Document Workflow Automation

Workflow management systems streamline repetitive tasks, ensuring that any incomplete ones are promptly addressed. By minimizing manual intervention and errors, these systems enhance output quality and expedite processes, enabling higher productivity and revenue growth. Adopting a workflow management system quickly becomes indispensable, making you question how you managed it before its implementation.

  • Expand your capabilities as your needs change with modular architecture
  • Safeguard and secure documents
  • Easily share and access information
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Save time by automating manual tasks
Print Management Software Integration

Our Strategic Managed Print Partners

Our relationships with world-renowned hardware and software manufacturers let us scale managed print solutions for any business. Our carefully curated relationships increase our depth of knowledge and enable us to provide you with the innovative solutions you need to maximize productivity. Partner with us and harness the benefits provided by our managed print partners.


Managed Print FAQs

What is Managed Print Services (MPS)?
Managed Print Services (MPS) is a third-party service offered by qualified copier and printer providers. The goal of MPS is to access, monitor, and manage your imaging and document management needs to improve inefficiencies and increase productivity within your organization.
How Can Managed Print Services Help Me Cut Costs?
When implementing a successful Managed Print Service, costs usually decrease as organizations go through the four phases of implementation. Businesses that switch to MPS can reduce print costs by up to 30%. MPS offers your company an all-inclusive service by providing repair, maintenance, and supplies at a predictable monthly price.
What are the benefits of MPS?

The benefits of managed print services include:

  • Predictable pricing
  • Automated re-supply ordering
  • On-call help desk
  • On-site remediation
  • Mobile printing enablement
  • Advanced scanning workflow implementation
  • Decrease print waste and environmental impact
  • Printer network security protection and regulatory compliance

Assess Your Current Print Environment

Get a complete and real-time view of your current printing performance and see where you can improve to cut costs and improve efficiency with this helpful tool from the Meridian team.

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