Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

Meridian's managed print services reduce printing costs, free up capital and eliminate the burden that comes with supporting and maintaining your printing infrastructure.

Print environment challenges we solve

IT Issues
IT Issues

Our IT department spends 40% of its time on print-related issues


We need to reduce costs and our printing costs are unpredictable


The security and confidentiality of our information is at risk

Budgeting & Planning
Budgeting & Planning

We need reporting to understand our utilization and costs


We're concerned about the impact of printing on the environment and our organization


Managing our printing fleet is complex and time consuming

Learn the facts and how these customers reduced print costs up to 30%

Case Study - Non-Profit
Case Study


Apple Federal Credit Union needed to secure the IT server room at their new headquarters to protect critical equipment. The conversation grew to include other locations and Meridian’s solution was implemented at multiple locations.

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Our Managed Print Services Process

The first step to understanding which print model best fits your organization is to consider the above options in the context of your current printing volume and printing costs.

We start with a comprehensive audit of your print environment.

Assessing where printers are deployed as well as how end users utilize them is the first step towards assessing existing efficiency. Next, the financial implications are audited to calculate current operating costs. Inefficient workflows or time-intensive management are also factors we take into account.

  • Map where assets are in the office
  • Track how assets are being used
  • Review printing contracts and invoices
  • Factor inefficient workflows or time management
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Next, we streamline your existing environment to cut initial costs.

Managing existing print assets can reduce current costs by 10% or 20% by bundling supply and services costs.  Proactive monitoring tools collect data as the office functions, creating comprehensive insight into the immediate areas to target for improvement. We’ll identify how to maximize operational efficiency based on your existing equipment, and provide recommendations for new devices based on current equipment lifespan and usage.

  • Cut costs by up to 20%
  • Implement proactive monitoring tools
  • Track and monitor existing equipment
  • Identify which equipment to upgrade and when
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Further cut costs by optimizing efficiencies with upgraded equipment. As a rule of thumb, the more expensive the asset acquisition cost, the lower the operating expense. We’ll help calculate the asset deployment to save on current costs over time without being under- or over-utilized, as well as share options for good fit equipment for purchase vs. for lease.

  • Cut costs by 15% or 25%
  • Right-size equipment 
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership
  • Purchase vs. Lease fleet options
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Implementing software solutions can save you up to 30% on current costs. Utilize secure follow-you printing solutions to reduce the need for personal desktop printers and help rationalize single function printers out of the fleet and greater leverage the investments you’ve already made in more efficient multi-functional devices during the optimization phase. Scanning solutions minimize employee time and error on document management, by electronically sending files directly to their storage destinations.

  • Cut current costs by up to 30%
  • Secure printing reduces need for personal or single function devices
  • Scanning software saves team time 
  • Software solutions can be as complex as your company’s infrastructure requires
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