Intelligent Information Management

Intelligent Information Management

Meridian helps businesses throughout Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland increase workflow efficiency, storage, security, and compliance with Intelligent Information Management solutions built for industry-specific requirements.

When you partner with Meridian, you not only receive the most comprehensive, agile, and intuitive information management (IIM) software on the market, you gain a responsive and local partner committed to helping you overcome your data and document management challenges.

Benefits of Intelligent Information Management Solutions

Enhance Collaboration

Share documents securely, locate information quickly, and collaborate with remote team members effectively.

Increase Productivity

Streamline processes and avoid errors by automating repetitive workflows like data entry, redaction, and Bates numbering.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Store, protect, and destroy your sensitive data following industry regulations to minimize risk and ensure compliance.

Intelligent Information Management Solutions

Meridian takes a holistic approach, combining consulting, information management software implementation, and workflow automation to offer your company an all-inclusive service at a predictable monthly price. Discover how IIM can solve your document and data challenges.

Process Improvement Mapping

Specialists define your key content processes, uncover bottlenecks, and identify areas of improvement to design a tailored solution that best fits your needs. Gain real-time visibility into key content processes, measure process performance, and ensure the completeness of your records with custom dashboards accessible from anywhere. 

  • Personalized dashboards 
  • Robust reporting capabilities
  • Complete regulatory compliance visibility
  • Information management process mapping
Process Improvement Mapping

Document Scanning Services

Document scanning and conversion services help your business save time, eliminate paper and increase security. Digitize documents, convert data into searchable content, and store your information in a centralized location for easy access by authorized users.

  • Eliminate paper and save valuable space
  • Protect information from physical disasters 
  • Convert paper-based records into digital format 
  • Capture searchable content needed in other lines of business
Document Scanning Services

Intelligent Data Capture

Use document management software to digitize, classify, and extract the data you need to make informed decisions. Capture data securely from various sources, including multifunction printers, desktop computers, e-mails, and network folders. 

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for textual content 
  • Optical mark-up recognition (OMR) for hand-filled documents 
  • Robotic process automation (RPA) for document classification
  • Automatic file conversion into popular electronic formats (Word, PDF, JPEG)
Intelligent Data Capture

Content Management

Manage, organize, and optimize documents across all departments so your team can easily access the content they need when they need it. Store your content centrally to enable simplified access and bolstered data security.

  • Reduce document retrieval time
  • Secure access via multiple devices, including mobile 
  • Automate routine and repetitive document processes 
  • Integrate centrally stored data with other crucial business systems
Content Management

Departmental Solutions

Every department in an organization can benefit from more efficient workflows and accessible data. Automate manual tasks across departments, from accounts payable to human resources to your mailroom, with department-specific solutions.

  • Sort, process, and digitize incoming mail 
  • Streamline HR workflows with case management tools  
  • Reduce or eliminate paper during contract agreements
  • Meet legal requirements and avoid fines with automated records retention
Departmental Solutions

Our Strategic Intelligent Information Management Partners

Our relationships with world-renowned intelligent information software manufacturers let us scale solutions for any business. Partner with us and harness the benefits provided by our information management partners.


Intelligent Information Management FAQs

What is Intelligent Information Management?
Intelligent Information Management, also called Enterprise Content Management (ECM), is a set of methods and technology solutions that help you capture, manage, store, and retrieve electronic content and data efficiently and securely.
What are the benefits of Document Management Systems (DMS)?

The benefits of an electronic document management system include the following:

  • Reduce storage space
  • Enhance data security
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Streamline document retrieval
  • Increase productivity and collaboration
Is Intelligent Information Management Right for Your Business?

Use the following questions to identify needs and opportunities suited for information management solutions:

  • How does your organization store and access documents currently?
  • Is there software and/or policies for document storage and sharing across all departments?
  • What would happen if an important document was modified, moved, deleted, or stolen?
  • Can you securely access your documents from a mobile phone, tablet, or personal computer?
  • Are there any regulatory compliance requirements related to document security, retention, and/or destruction to which your organization must adhere?

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