Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Meridian helps businesses in Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland safeguard sensitive areas and protect critical assets with access control solutions powered by award-winning MOBOTIX technology.

Whether for a single healthcare facility or an expansive educational campus, our experienced security technicians will design a custom solution, properly install all components and position your access control infrastructure for scalability and future growth.

Top Benefits of Access Control Systems

Enhance Security

Your system requires specific credentials for access, such as ID cards, key fobs, or biometric authentication, minimizing the risk of unauthorized entry.

Increase Scalability

Your modular designed system can easily expand and seamlessly integrate with existing systems like CCTV, video surveillance, alarm systems, and more.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Your system generates detailed audit trails that provide the necessary documentation for compliance investigations.

A Custom Access Control Solution Tailored to Your Organization

Meridian takes a holistic approach to physical access control, combining consulting, design, installation, software implementation, and technical support to offer your company an all-inclusive service at a predictable monthly price.

Indoor & Outdoor Solutions

Ideal for exterior entry points, MOBOTIX outdoor access control modules are weatherproof, durable, and provide a 360-degree view with no blind spots. For interior solutions, a multifunction remote station, touch screen design, and programmable access function create an optimal user experience.

  • Two-way video communication
  • Keyless entry via encrypted data transfer
  • Built for extreme weather (-22°F to 140°F)
Indoor & Outdoor Solutions

Motion Analysis Software

MOBOTIX access control systems utilize statistical behavior analysis with MxAnalytics, making it possible to collect crucial data on people and objects in the environment. The software can highlight most frequented areas in the defined zone through a heatmap for easy user experience.

  • Automatic counting and heat map reports
  • Live analysis locally in the camera without network load
  • Video analysis software included with no usage restrictions
Motion Analysis Software

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry is granted to authorized visitors via number combination or RFID transponder with the ability to ring remote stations to alert users of the visitor. Remote users can also allow entry from anywhere after confirming identification through two-way communication and real-time video feed.

  • Remote entry capabilities
  • Keyless entry via encrypted data transfer
  • Number combination or keycard configuration available
Keyless Entry

Mobile Remote Station App

The MOBOTIX video remote station allows for push notifications to be sent directly to your mobile phone when suspicious noise or movement is detected. Open the app to communicate with visitors in real time, plus record interactions for later review.

  • View the most recent recorded events with playback view
  • Receive push notifications from MOBOTIX IP video door stations
  • Simultaneously display different live streams with grid view (up to four)
Mobile Remote Station App

Noise & Movement Detection

MOBOTIX employs intelligent video analysis to register suspicious movements and sounds triggering an automatic recording to start. Simultaneously, a message can be sent to security personnel to alert them of the unwanted activity.

  • Noise and movement detection 
  • Automatic recording of activity
  • Automated message can be sent to key personnel
Noise & Movement Detection

Our Access Control Strategic Partnerships

Our relationships with world-renowned access control equipment manufacturers let us scale solutions for any business. Partner with us and harness the benefits provided by our strategic partners.


MOBOTIX Access Control Systems for Schools

Watch the video to see how a premier private school bolstered campus security by installing 44 MOBOTIX Door Stations – protecting 22 acres of school grounds and ensuring the safety of over 1,200 students.

Access Control System FAQs

What is a Physical Access Control System?

A Physical Access Control System (PACS) is a commercial security system that allows or restricts entry to a specific area or building. It's designed to control who enters a physical space, offering a higher level of security than traditional doors and locks

How Does an Access Control System Work?

An access control system works by first identifying individuals through a credential like a card, fob, or biometric data. Once identified, the system checks if the individual has authorization to access the specific area. If authorized, the system unlocks the door or barrier, allowing entry.

How Much Does an Access Control System Cost?

The average cost of an access control solution can range from $500 to $10,000. The total cost will depend on the type of system and the number of entryways you need to secure.

What Types of Businesses Should Have Access Control Solutions?

Businesses in industries that require secure premises, such as government buildings, healthcare facilities, financial institutions, data centers, and schools, should have physical access control systems to regulate entry and protect sensitive areas.

Can an Access Control System Integrate with Other Security Systems?

Yes, access control systems can integrate with other commercial security systems to create a holistic security solution. Integrated access control allows for centralized monitoring and control of all security measures, enhancing overall safety and efficiency.

Integration options include:

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