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Why Your School Needs an Access Control System

Why Your School Needs an Access Control System

by Pat Pharr - June 16, 2022

Safety and security in educational institutions is a highly sensitive issue as they educate one of the most vulnerable demographic groups - children. Effective education requires a safe environment, whether it's a K-12 school, high school, or sprawling university campus.

High-end access control systems are instrumental in protecting students from disruption, intruders, and violence. With a commercial access control system, school campuses can easily manage and monitor who has access to academic and administrative buildings. Making the switch from standard lock-and-key doors to an intelligent access control system is one of the most effective ways to boost school security.

Top Benefits of Access Control Systems for Schools

If your educational institution is considering investing in an access control solution, here’s a closer look at the top benefits.

Keyless Entry - Keyless entry can be granted to authorized visitors via number combination or RFID keycard for added convenience.

Emergency Duress Platform - Comprehensive access control systems have an emergency duress button that immediately connects to law enforcement for enhanced police response time.

Lockout and Lockdown Capabilities – Lock a single door or all doors from a centralized location with a press of a button. Manage emergency protocol for internal threats, external threats, shelter-in-place, and active shooter scenarios.

Integration with Other Security Systems - Merging access management with video surveillance systems creates an efficient unified solution that reduces hardware and installation costs.

All-Around View with No Blind Spots - Monitor every visitor entering campus facilities with high-performance door cameras. Robust systems, including the MOBOTIX T26, have a high-resolution door camera covering the entire entrance area with no blind spots from wall to wall, from floor to ceiling.

Intuitive Mobile App - Intelligent access control systems provide a mobile app experience for added convenience. With a mobile app, push notifications are sent directly to your phone whenever suspicious activity is detected on campus.

Want a visual illustration of the benefits of access control systems for schools? Watch the video below to see how a premier private school bolstered campus security by installing 44 MOBOTIX T26 Outdoor Station and Access Modules.

Boost School Security with an Access Control Solution

Intelligent access control systems provide a holistic approach to health and safety, creating a sustainable and manageable security solution for schools. Educational institutions interested in bolstering their campus security should partner with business security experts to design an access control system tailored to their environment. Security technicians will properly install all components and position your infrastructure for scalability and growth into the future.

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