We're committed to the environment. Doing business right means caring for our customers, our employees, our community, and our planet.

Dedicated to creating an environmentally-friendly office.

Dedicated to creating an environmentally-friendly office.

Meridian has a strong initiative to produce less waste, consume less energy, and make responsible decisions regarding the environment - both internally and externally. As a company we work diligently to find new ways to continually advance our green initiatives. Many of the companies that partner with us also have similar initiatives to do their part in saving the environment.

We are committed to...

encouraging everyone to be intentionally environmentally considerate. From our internal office policies to the programs we extend to our customers, you have the choice to be green.


...our employees

Internally, we recycle our own cartridges, as well as paper, bottles and cans. We have small measures that add up too – such as washable dishes (instead of disposable plates, cups and utensils), hand dryers (versus paper towels), and electronic invoicing (reducing paper and fuel costs associated with print and mail). Visit our office and see plants placed throughout the space. It’s not just aesthetically pleasing; studies show plants are not only a stress reducer for employees, they also improve air quality.

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Our Customers

...our customers

We offer programs to our customers offering pre-addressed labels to return empty cartridges to recycling destinations; an easy and convenient method for our customers. In a broader sense, we help our customers transition from a paper-dependent and possibly wasteful culture, into an efficient work environment. Our solutions help customers cut down on excessive paper use and unnecessary energy consumption. We’re proud to say we’ve tested and applied these concepts to our office.

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Supplying innovative green technologies

Our products are engineered for top environmental performance, which further our sustainability goals and save our clients money in energy consumption and equipment replacement costs.

Re-using Plastics

Our multifunction printers were the first in the industry to be made with recycled materials, and our green products have only grown since then. The outer casings of our MFPs are made of a mix of PET plastic and polycarbonate (PC) from recycled water bottles. We also use toner cartridges made of HDPE plastics from recycled milk bottles.

Planet-Conscious Simitri Toners

Smaller particles in the toner reduce consumption by 30%, compared to conventional toners. Made from nearly 10% plant-based biomass materials, they produce fewer emissions than traditional petroleum-based toner materials. At temperatures 45 degrees cooler than traditional toners, they save energy heating the fixer units. 


Responsible Supply Chain

Even though innovation is key in IT, we are committed to finding innovative solutions that are socially responsible for our products and in the materials that are sourced to create them. 

Eco Product Settings

LED light sources for all scanners are  more efficient than fluorescent lamps. A "power save" feature when devices aren't in use saves energy and automatically restarts when a new task is received. 

See the sustainability program in action

Konica Minolota's Corporate Sustainability Report details how our parent company is applying its values.

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