Data & Device Security Solutions

Data & Device Security Solutions

Data Breaches Are A Constant Threat

Data breaches can happen anytime, anywhere, leaving you exposed and vulnerable. Mitigating risk in the modern business environment means safeguarding every byte of data and devices across the entire organization.

It is time to think beyond simply patching holes in your digital defense.

Defend Your Digital Infrastructure

Each device in your digital ecosystem is both a valuable resource and a potential risk.

Having a security strategy that not only focuses on document and data security, but each endpoint that data passes through is critical.

Defending your digital frontier requires proactive monitoring and technology to help find the source of potential breaches the moment they happen.

Defend Your Digital Infrastructure

Develop A Multi-Tiered Security Plan

Add layers of protection to keep your business running smoothly.


Automation Help your IT team by fortifying your digital devices with automated security tools to help identify potential vulnerabilities.


Encryption Protect sensitive information from unauthorized access with hard drive encryption, ensuring the integrity of data stored on company devices.

Real-Time Response

Real-Time Response Actively monitor all devices in your network and get notifications the instant potential threats arise with Shield Guard technology.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing Systematically identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses within systems to fortify defenses against potential cyber threats.

Benefits of Meridian Data & Device Security

bizHub Secure

Comprehensive device protection includes encryption, automatic data overwrite, and password-protected hard drive locking.

Authentication Options

Multiple authentication methods, including ID badges and mobile devices, ensure the secure release of personally identifiable information for enhanced data protection.

Track Breaches

Integrate real-time alerts for data breaches and gain access to secure, text-searchable audit trails for rapid response when risks emerge.

Start With An IT Assessment

Get a complete view of your tech stack, and learn how to improve security and efficiency with this helpful tool from the Meridian team.

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