Video Surveillance Systems

Video Surveillance Systems

Ensure your organization is secure with intelligent video surveillance systems powered by MOBOTIX.

Better Security for Your Organization

Meridian can help businesses manage the new rules and regulations of the workplace and public environments with support of video surveillance systems designed and installed throughout Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland.

Video Surveillance

The robust offering of multi-functional MOBOTIX video surveillance systems utilize an intelligent internet protocol (IP) design to support live video viewing, while its decentralized concept allows for continuous scalability.

  • Live analysis and local storage of video
  • Easy configuration and scalability
  • Low or no light visibility
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Video surveillance systems for school risk reduction

MOBOTIX provides a West Coast school campus with a modernized system customized to their needs - continuously protecting 22 acres of school grounds and the safety of over 1,200 students during and after school hours.

Find the right video surveillance system for your organization.

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