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4 Reasons Your Company Needs a Commercial Video Surveillance System

4 Reasons Your Company Needs a Commercial Video Surveillance System

by Pat Pharr - January 24, 2023

Your company is growing. You've just landed a few major contracts, and you're expanding your staff and facilities. It's an exciting time, but with all this growth comes new security risks. You must protect your people, property, and assets, but how?

A commercial video surveillance system can help deter crime, investigate incidents, improve employee safety, and reduce costs.

Let’s discuss some key reasons why your company needs a commercial video surveillance system.

1. Deter Crime 

A commercial video surveillance system deters crime by making would-be criminals aware that their actions are being recorded –  helping to prevent break-ins, vandalism, and other crimes. Indoor cameras and outdoor security systems intimidate those who wish to commit a crime in and around your business. A commercial video surveillance system gives businesses an extra layer of security, adding a strong visual deterrent to ensure unauthorized individuals keep their distance.

2. Reduce Security Costs 

Commercial video surveillance systems are a cost-effective solution for businesses of any size. Rather than spending time, energy, and money hiring full-time security guards or alarm monitoring services, you can install a business security system to protect your property without burning a big budget.

Businesses that invest in a commercial video surveillance system also typically receive a discount on their insurance policies due to the added protection. Insurance companies are more likely to offer lower premiums to businesses that have security systems installed since the risk of theft or vandalism is significantly reduced.

3. Investigate Crimes 

A commercial video surveillance system can help you investigate incidents quickly and efficiently. If a crime occurs on your property, the footage from a commercial video surveillance system can help identify the perpetrator and assist in the investigation.

When a theft or other crime occurs on-premise, video surveillance footage can provide law enforcement with key details, such as license plate numbers and descriptions of individuals involved. Companies that have a well-maintained security system are better able to collect and collate this information—allowing them to help police quickly solve any crime that has occurred on their property. With smart technologies such as AI-based facial recognition, businesses can identify suspects easier and apprehend wrongdoers faster. 

4. Improve On-Premise Security 

Commercial security systems offer an added layer of protection — providing real-time monitoring of activity on your premises. Commercial video surveillance typically utilizes advanced technologies like thermal imaging, motion detection, facial recognition, and heat mapping to identify potential threats.

When correctly implemented, intrusive behavior on-site can be quickly identified, and standard procedures can be put into action. A well-designed and professionally installed system provides peace of mind to employees and customers alike, knowing their safety is being taken seriously by management.

Keep Your Company Protected With a Commercial Video Surveillance System

Investing in a commercial video surveillance system is wise for businesses interested in protecting their premises, reducing costs, and deterring crime. It can act as a visual deterrent to criminals and help companies save money by eliminating the cost of hiring security guards or paying for alarm monitoring services.

Businesses ready to improve their security should reach out to an experienced Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) provider who can help them design and implement a solution tailored to their industry’s needs.

A credible VSaaS provider will expedite installation, ensure superior system performance, and position your infrastructure for scalability and growth. With this partnership, businesses can trust they are optimally prepared to meet any security challenge that comes their way.

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