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How MOBOTIX Can Help Protect Local Municipalities

How MOBOTIX Can Help Protect Local Municipalities

by Garrett Evans - October 20, 2020

Public safety is always a top priority for businesses and organizations. Since local government and municipal buildings are busy hubs, it makes them ideal targets for attack. As these high-traffic areas provide services that are vital in our daily lives, public infrastructures require a reliable, long-term surveillance solution.

Maintaining surveillance equipment and staffing security guards to provide 24-hour protection in high-traffic buildings can be costly and time-consuming. Plus, as technology expands, so does the need for increased safety measures. Video surveillance systems and alarm systems have played a key role in protecting buildings and identifying threats, and continue to do so with today’s modern capabilities.

There are reliable, low maintenance surveillance systems that can save municipalities money and stress. The intelligent MOBOTIX video surveillance system features increased security measures including cybersecurity protection, and the latest technology combined with AI-based apps to provide the highest level of protection for government buildings and citizens.

MOBOTIX Video Surveillance Capabilities

MOBOTIX equipment is used in a variety of industries and environments, including helping protect local municipalities. Its AI-based apps offer enhanced functionality and security at all levels. It’s more than just another surveillance camera; it provides you with a one-stop solution tailored to meet your unique needs.

The system’s extensive capabilities work to help secure infrastructure, avoid intrusion and sabotage (including digital attacks), identify suspicious behavior, and protect staff and citizens at a price that fits your budget. Plus, the durable, low maintenance design cuts down on maintenance and replacement costs.

The equipment can be installed to fit your needs, whether for preventive purposes or discreet surveillance. Equipped with highly sensitive optics, thermal sensors, infrared lamps, and intelligent apps, the system allows for better visibility in difficult or ambient conditions such as darkness or extreme weather.

Using MOBOTIX in a Local Government Setting

With the wide range of capabilities available with the MOBOTIX solution, it can be applied to a local government setting in a multitude of ways.

Overcrowding Detection

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, many have made it a point to avoid large crowds. However, owning the responsibility of manually counting the number of people to prevent overcrowding in a building or an area can be difficult, especially in busy government hubs.
The system’s AI-Overcrowd application can accurately count people in a designated area and sound an alarm when the number exceeds the user-defined amount. Its impressive technology can even break the crowd numbers down by gender or age, and identify social distancing between people for other uses.

Access Control

The MOBOTIX access control system allows secure keyless entry to buildings using an access code, RFID transponder, or smartphone. The video technology on the piece of equipment also allows for a full 360-degree view of the entrance without any gaps.
Additionally, individual hubs can connect to a larger system making it an ideal solution throughout a city, town, or municipal campus. The enhanced level of security to access buildings ensures a safer workplace and community.

Individual and Vehicle Identification

The system’s intelligent AI recognition apps allow for reliable identification of vehicles and individuals. The vehicle identification technology helps control access to high-security areas or maintain company fleets. Local municipalities can utilize this technology on traffic controls and lights to log and keep information about each passing vehicle. This can help identify stolen vehicles or those used in crimes more quickly. Utilizing individual identification can provide local authorities with more information on suspicious activities.

Cybersecurity Protection

MOBOTIX surveillance systems rank as some of the world's most secure. Cybersecurity is one of the main focuses with the use of the Cactus Concept creating a reliable end-to-end video system that is fully protected from hackers. Local government and municipal buildings can use the system’s intelligent camera-based apps to detect suspicious behavior or abandoned luggage and better protect public infrastructure and people, all with the peace of mind that the system won’t be hacked. Physical and digital attacks are serious. A surveillance system that offers protection for both is crucial for governments.

Protect Municipal Buildings and Enhance Public Safety

The health and safety of town members is important and should always be top of mind. MOBOTIX provides the highest level of security for municipal buildings and local governments to utilize through its intelligent video surveillance solutions. Find the right solution for your local government to continue protecting your community.

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