Equipment & Security Solutions for Educational Institutions

Meridian helps educational institutions throughout Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland keep their data and students safe with robust solutions from copiers and printers to cybersecurity and video surveillance systems.

Build a Connected and Collaborative Classroom

Building A Connected and Collaborative Classroom

We want to give teachers the tools to focus on teaching. Let us worry about all the behind-the-scenes work of keeping documents organized and maintaining both the data and physical security of campuses. Technology should be a powerful tool for educators, not another chore to squeeze in between grading and building lesson plans.

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Education solutions from the classroom to the district office

Classrooms, school districts, and colleges each have unique security, IT, and document needs. We offer a suite of services that’s appropriate for each type of institution.

K-12 Education

Today’s K-12 teachers work under pressure to demonstrate student success. Our solutions free up time previously spent scanning, and organizing documents. For students, our classroom tools make it easier to receive a personalized learning experience.

Higher Education

From the admissions office to the registrar, any institution of higher learning will benefit from our cost-effective print management solutions and the efficiencies gained by implementing our Enterprise Content Management solutions.

Data Security

Educational institutions are charged with protecting important data like FERPA-protected K-12 student information and proprietary course materials. Our devices protect data and keep it FERPA-compliant.

Video Surveillance

Our MOBOTIX Intelligent Video Security Solution is an easier and more reliable video surveillance system than outdated CCTV (closed-circuit television) systems. 

Print Centers & Mailrooms

Printing books, directories and banners doesn’t have to be a job for outside print shops. Having an in-house shop means your jobs can be highly customized and will always get first-priority printing.

Print Management

Print Management gives schools the power to replace fluctuating monthly printing costs with a flat fee. Print management also gives administrators the tools to find inefficiencies in printer networks. 


A connected classroom involves numerous wirelessly connected devices. All can connect securely with Bizhub multi-function printers with apps including Google Drive, Dropbox, Sharepoint and EverNote.

Facilities Management

A web-based dashboard makes it easy to keep up with the repair and maintenance schedules of equipment across even the largest educational institutions.  

"Lead4Life, Inc. has partnered with Meridian for two years. They were highly recommended from another nonprofit organization.  Our representative Jason has been nothing short of an asset to our organization. He takes his role as a sales rep to the next level to ensure that we are saving money, not with the attitude that Meridian is making money.

If there are any concerns, he always assist us or directs us to the right people. After his sale, he still stops by on a regular base to simply say hello and ensure we are happy with our product. Even if there was a cheaper product out there, the customer service we get can’t be bought."

Lead4Life, Inc

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