Asset Tracking Solutions

Achieve effective inventory control with a software-driven solution capable of tracking high-value equipment using RFID or barcode technology.

Discover an Intuitive, Cost-Effective, and Systematic Way to Manage Various Asset Types

Meridian provides complete asset management solutions, including hardware, software, service, installation, and support for businesses throughout Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland.

RFID Tracking

Leverage easy-to-use RFID readers to identify and manage your valuable property, including office equipment, industrial machinery, etc. RFID technology automates asset scanning, mitigating humor error and alleviating administrative personnel from menial manual tracking so they can focus on more mission-critical operations.

  • Reusable and durable
  • Reduces human effort and error
  • Doesn't require a direct line of sight
  • Scans multiple items simultaneously
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