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Choosing the Best Thermal Imaging Camera for Your Organization

Choosing the Best Thermal Imaging Camera for Your Organization

by Garrett Evans - April 30, 2021

The simple truth is not all thermal cameras are created equally. While the hefty price tag of the most comprehensive thermal imaging cameras may seem daunting to some, forward-thinking business owners understand what that price tag represents: confidence in their business security, health, and safety.

Business owners and facility managers that understand the benefits of a quality and comprehensive thermal imaging system will have no problem making the strategic investment as the return will come in the form of invaluable confidence and increased capability to protect their assets and personnel, plus provide a proactive warning system.

Benefits of MOBOTIX Thermal Imaging Cameras

Commercial security systems powered by intelligent MOBOTIX thermal imaging cameras can do much more than see in the dark. Combining advanced thermal technology features with intuitive software, the MOBOTIX M16D and MOBOTIX S16 can be deployed to screen body temperatures, monitor equipment to prevent overheating, and detect hotspots that can lead to fires. Here are the additional benefits and capabilities organizations will receive from MOBOTIX thermal imaging cameras that will ensure the security and safety of their environment.

No-Contact Temperature Measurement

Thermal imaging provides a non-invasive and contactless option for protecting the safety of business environments. Thermal imaging technology is a perfect tool to measure temperature safely and help employees return to the workplace, as there is no unnecessary contact with potentially infected individuals. MOBOTIX thermal imaging technology takes into account ambient conditions and measures temperature within .03 degrees Celsius accuracy, meaning there’s no second-guessing the data.

Easily Scaled Video Surveillance Systems

While many thermal imaging solutions on the market are bulky and require additional personnel to maintain, the MOBOTIX thermal imaging system is designed to easily integrate with existing systems, so organizations can confidently scale security systems with ease, flexibility, and efficiency. The revolutionary decentralized design of the MOBOTIX system provides organizations maximum flexibility and add-on capabilities so they can continue to optimize their security infrastructure as new needs arise.

Live Monitoring Capabilities

MOBOTIX thermal imaging systems leverage an intelligent internet protocol (IP) design to support live video viewing and real-time analysis. All MOBOTIX thermal cameras come equipped with a powerful, intuitive, and free extensive video management software that meets ONVIF industry standards, the worldwide open standard for IP-based security products such as surveillance and thermal cameras.

Customized Temperature Settings

MOBOTIX thermal imaging technology alerts key personnel when a temperature is detected that exceeds or falls below the customized defined limits. End-users can simultaneously configure up to 20 different temperature settings over a wide temperature range from -40 degrees to up to 550 degrees Celsius, which translates to up to 1022 Fahrenheit.

Excellent Image Quality

MOBOTIX thermal imaging cameras have dual cameras; a thermal imaging sensor, plus an optical sensor, and can automatically switch between the two to generate high-resolution images and video even in total darkness. With 4K UHD resolution, the crisp and clear image quality provided by the highly sensitive MOBOTIX thermal sensor ensures quick detection of even the most minuscule differences in temperature.

Multiple Uses

The multi-functional nature of MOBOTIX thermal imaging camera systems ensure they will retain their value well after the pandemic is passed. Software can be easily upgraded and customized at any time for numerous new industry-specific applications. For example, in addition to temperature reading, thermal imaging cameras can be used to mitigate fire hazards with advanced thermal image overlay functions to see both the heat mapping and real-time images simultaneously. By overlaying the images, organizations can quickly identify hotspots and dangerous sources of heat in order to combat sources of fire hazards such as overheated equipment.

Thermal overlay feature on a MOBOTIX thermal imaging camera

Fortifying Your Facilities Security and Safety with MOBOTIX Thermal Imaging Cameras

The long list of benefits associated with robust thermal imaging cameras makes MOBOTIX’s intelligent thermal imaging cameras the clear choice for organizations looking to improve their business security, health, and safety.

With rapid advancements in technology and escalating health risks, it is imperative that you partner with trusted thermal camera experts to choose the thermal imaging camera system that best fits your organization’s security needs now and into the future.

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