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How to Leverage Employee Training to Maximize Your Multifunction Printer Investment

How to Leverage Employee Training to Maximize Your Multifunction Printer Investment

by Beth McFarland - May 26, 2021

Advancements in technology have transformed simple office equipment into complex productivity machines. As more and more organizations return to the office, it's becoming apparent that the majority of businesses have lost the ability to effectively use their copiers, scanners, and multifunction printers.

If an employee doesn’t understand the full capabilities of the machine, then how can we expect them to fully maximize the investment? While cutting-edge printers, copiers, and scanners have the potential to unlock greater cost savings and productivity, they are only as useful as the person operating them.

To solve this pain point, we have created a customized hands-on employee training for our clients that take part in our Konica Minolta service contracts to bolster efficiency and increase print fleet potential.

Benefits of In-Person Employee Training Sessions

Deciding to purchase a new multifunction printer, copier, or scanner is a big decision for businesses. Business leaders want their employees to understand and utilize all of the new capabilities at their disposal in order to get the most out of their new office equipment investment.

Businesses can utilize the employee training sessions built-in to Meridian service contracts in conjunction with extensive online training resources to ensure employees receive the comprehensive training needed to master the various functions of their new Konica Minolta multifunction devices.

Employee training offers invaluable benefits and opportunities to expand productivity and streamline print environments.

An in-person employee training session can help your organization:

  • Save time
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce calls to help desk
  • Streamline print environment
  • Bolster cybersecurity defenses
  • Decrease employee frustration

An in-person employee training session can teach your employees how to:

  • Add toner
  • Encrypt PDFs
  • Alleviate a paper jam
  • Print on different types of paper
  • Copy and scan at the same time
  • Preview the document before it is sent
  • Load paper properly and use the correct settings

Maximize Your Multifunction Device Investment with Employee Training

A multifunction device from Konica Minolta has many advanced features and capabilities to leverage. Business leaders seeking to maximize their office equipment investment should leverage our managed print service contracts to utilize built-in training sessions to empower employees to efficiently use multifunction devices for quick and high-quality printing.

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