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5 Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your MFP for the New Year

5 Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your MFP for the New Year

by Pat Pharr - March 25, 2021

A multifunction printer (MFP) can be viewed as the heart of an organization's print environment. A healthy and operating MFP acts as the centralized hub in the workplace where all printing, copying, faxing, and scanning takes place. Organizations are surprisingly stubborn when it comes to holding onto outdated and underperforming printers considering the integral role MFPs play in print environments.

When people face a recurring or even just a minor problem with their heart, they quickly spring into action. So why shouldn’t you do the same with the heart of your print environment for your business?

Organizations that proactively take inventory of the important signs indicating the need for an MFP upgrade will be better prepared to combat cyber attacks and better positioned to provide a streamlined print environment that enables productivity.

Taking Notice of the Signs: Why Organizations Should Proactively Upgrade Multifunction Printers

For many organizations, the decision to upgrade multifunction printers is difficult and encompasses several important factors such as budgetary considerations and the increased need for technology with advanced capabilities to meet growing business needs.

Organizations that are aware of the MFP upgrade notice signs can proactively partner with a managed service provider to implement up-to-date MFPs and avoid the headaches associated with holding onto outdated technology. Here are the main multifunction printer warning signs businesses should be aware of to ensure they are providing the most efficient print environment for their business and employees.

Outdated Print Equipment

Outdated MFPs have the potential to hinder business productivity and performance. Organizations that continue to rely on outdated print equipment to handle day-to-day operations are forgoing the opportunity to integrate advanced features with increased functionality that newer MFP models offer. Having access to enhanced print capabilities could be the differentiator that takes a business to the next stage of growth.

One advanced feature that comes with upgraded MFPs is the mobile printing functionality. There is a heightened need for mobile printing as organizations continue to transition to remote workforces to maintain business operations. Mobile printing offers owners and employees the opportunity to print anytime, anywhere, conveniently, and securely.

Overwhelming and Excessive Need for IT Support

When organizations begin to notice a recurring print problem and observe repeated conversations with IT support, it's a clear sign that it’s time for an MFP upgrade. For organizations that forgo partnering with a managed print service (MPS), each time a MFP experiences an issue, organizations will need to pay for an emergency service call that could have otherwise been avoided with a proactive print environment assessment. Time dedicated to IT support is time lost, and lost time due to printer malfunctions leads to employee frustration.

Organizations should keep this general rule of thumb in mind when accessing MFP upgrades. The average lifespan of a typical MFP is five years with high-end MFP’s lasting from seven to 10 years. Once organizations pass the 10-year time period, it becomes more cost-effective to upgrade than to pay for excessive and unnecessary maintenance for the older MFP model.

Weak Cybersecurity and Vulnerable Data

Multifunction printers face the same data security and cybersecurity risks that regular networked computers endure if the proper precautions aren’t taken. MFPs store data on internal hard drives that need to remain secure when connecting to an internal network. Newer equipment has advanced security features such as user authentication, managed access, and encryption that better secures data and effectively combats cybersecurity attacks. Organizations looking to decrease their cybersecurity risk and bolster data security should upgrade their MFPs before further financial or legal repercussions occur.

Evolved and Updated Business Needs

As organizations change and scale over time, print environments will also need to change to match the growing needs of the business. An organization experiencing growth, regardless of the type of office or industry, will need the capability to print large volumes of printed material to maintain the new degree of business operations.

A print solution that worked for a business five years ago may no longer work, or worse, actively prevent the organization from scaling and reaching planned growth goals. Organizations that monitor their print usage will be better positioned to gauge the current efficacy of their MFP. Organizations can tell that a MFP doesn’t meet current business needs if it:

  • Doesn’t offer an intuitive user interface that promotes employee efficiency.
  • Doesn’t have advanced technological capabilities that streamlines workflows.
  • Has a paper capacity that inhibits employee productivity.
  • Fails to provide the page output needed to maintain business operations (whether in terms of volume, speed, or both).

Reduced Print Quality and Functionality

Since employees are most likely using the office’s MFP on a daily basis, when this critical tool is out of service, tensions rise and employee frustration peaks. Employees will feel like they are unable to do their jobs, while simultaneously feeling the mounting pressure from their boss or clients to maintain productivity. Reduced functionality is one major sign that it is time to upgrade MFPs as well as degradation of print quality over time.

Businesses that hold onto outdated MFPs will experience a noticeable decrease in print quality. Older equipment can cause faded or blurred ink, blemishes, and ink spots. These print issues can have detrimental effects on print readability and more importantly impact your business’s credibility as a paper with multiple blemishes and blurred ink will be interrupted as unprofessional.

Upgrading Your MFPs: A Worthy Investment for Your Organization

Organizations that choose to invest in upgrading their MFP stand to receive a large return on their investment. A streamlined print environment offers organizations speed, efficiency, volume, and quality printing at a cost-effective price. Plus, upgrades typically come with advanced functionality designed to bolster cybersecurity protection and data security.

If your organization has noticed any of the highlighted signs, it's time to be proactive and partner with a trusted multifunction printer specialist to implement a top of the line MFP model that best fits your business’s printing needs and promotes company-wide connectivity.

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