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What Is Managed Print Services?

What Is Managed Print Services?

by Obi Nwaneri - February 14, 2023

You can think of Managed Print Services as a business process improvement related to the life cycle of documents.

The benefits of Managed Print Services for any business include:

1. Predictable pricing - Managed Print Service contracts are structured to eliminate unpredictable expenses. MPS contracts are all-inclusive of repair, maintenance, and supplies.

2. Data-based print analysis and print fleet efficiency recommendations - Managed print providers gather data on print usage, which makes it possible to pinpoint inefficient printers and achieve long-term savings.

3. Automated re-supply ordering - By monitoring levels of toner and other supplies, Managed Print Service programs can automatically order new supplies so that they arrive before existing stores run out, eliminating downtime.

4. On-call help desk - In addition to responding to service and maintenance calls, managed print providers have printer and copier experts available to troubleshoot issues over the phone.

5. On-site remediation – Having field technicians certified by the manufacturers will ensure that repairs resolve any hardware or software issues that keep devices from operating at optimal performance levels.

6. Hot-swappable assets – Sometimes fixing a $200 printer doesn’t make financial sense, be sure to understand the end of life clauses with your Managed Print Services provider. A good provider will replace equipment that has reached the end of its useful life to minimize downtime and help move the fleet towards a more standardized mix of equipment.

7. Mobile printing enablement - Managed print providers can help set up specific printer functionalities, such as the ability to send jobs to a printer from a mobile device, a key feature for offices with remote workers.

8. Secure follow-you printing and advanced scanning workflows – Partnering with an Managed Print Service provider that has proven experience deploying output and input software solutions will enhance your existing and future hardware investments.

9. Printer network security protection - Like all network-connected devices, networked printers need protection against cyber intruders. Security for printers can be included in Managed Print Services or can be part of a larger managed IT services contract that protects an entire business network.

10. Reduced burden on internal resources – Service tickets can take time away from help desk employees who are over-qualified to perform routine maintenance on printers.

Outsourcing printer and copier break-fix will enable your IT staff to focus on more pressing IT projects and initiatives.

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