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What is a Print Assessment? (+5 Reasons to Request One)

What is a Print Assessment? (+5 Reasons to Request One)

by Obi Nwaneri - January 10, 2023

Many business owners don't take the time to assess their needs regarding printing.

This can be a costly mistake. To get the most out of your print budget, you need to request a print assessment from an experienced managed print service provider.

Let's discuss what print assessments are, what to expect when receiving an evaluation, and five reasons why every business should request one. 

What is a Print Assessment?

A print assessment is a consultancy service that helps businesses understand their needs and requirements regarding printing. Print assessments allow businesses to determine which types of printers are most suitable for them, the volume of paper they need, and how often they should be replenished. This in-depth report not only evaluates devices, supplies, processes, and workflows but also provides solutions to optimize your print environment to improve efficiency and boost productivity.

What Happens During a Managed Print Assessment?

Most managed print service providers have a specific process for conducting print assessments. Here is a brief overview of the process to help you understand what to expect during a print assessment. 

  1. Conduct a physical walk-through – documenting how many printers you have, what kind of devices they are, and where they’re located.
  2. Evaluate current print usage patterns, needs, requirements, and business processes.
  3. Deliver a custom report, including actionable insights on your current print environment and recommendations for a future state to drive continuous improvement. 

5 Reasons to Request a Print Assessment 

Now that we’ve established what print assessments are, here are five reasons you should request one. 

1. Identify What Types of Printers Your Business Needs

Depending on your business activities, you may need different types of printers to get the job done. Print assessments can help you identify which printer models best suit your needs.

2. Save Money on Printing Costs

Print assessments allow businesses to identify areas where they can reduce print spend, such as eliminating unnecessary paper, toner, and cartridge purchases. Since print assessments can be tailored to meet the exact needs of a business, companies can maximize efficiency and optimize their budgets.

3. Gain Visibility Into All Print-Related Tasks

Print assessments provide an overview of all print-related tasks, making it much easier for businesses to track and manage them in an organized manner. This helps ensure that all tasks are completed on time. 

4. Identify Potential Print Problems

Print assessments identify potential printing problems before they occur, allowing businesses to troubleshoot them before any significant issues arise. This helps prevent costly delays or disruptions that can come with printer malfunctions.

5. Receive Data-Driven Recommendations for Improvements 

With the help of a data collection tool, a managed print assessment will uncover underperforming and under-utilized printers and recommend consolidation opportunities. One strategically located multifunction printer (MFP) can efficiently replace several desktop printers, resulting in significant savings. Print assessment services also recommend which materials and supplies are best suited for your particular printing needs, resulting in higher-quality prints.

Ready to Request a Print Assessment?

Request a print assessment from a credible MSP to get the most out of your print budget. A comprehensive print assessment identifies consolidation opportunities, uncovers security concerns, and provides data-driven recommendations to enable continuous improvement and additional cost savings. By completing the evaluation, you’ll unlock powerful insights into your print environment and take the initial step toward optimizing your printing processes.

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