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[News Release] Meridian’s Konica Minolta MFPs Surpasses Industry Standards for Cybersecurity Compliance

[News Release] Meridian’s Konica Minolta MFPs Surpasses Industry Standards for Cybersecurity Compliance

by Pat Pharr - August 27, 2021

Meridian is proud to announce that the entire line of bizhub i-Series multifunction printers (MFPs) from our parent company, Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. (Konica Minolta), exceeds industry standards for cybersecurity compliance. According to penetration tests performed by NTT DATA, an internationally respected IT services provider, zero security vulnerabilities were identified after 80 hours of deliberate hacking attempts.

Why Businesses Need a Secure and Compliant Multifunction Printer

Technology has transformed copiers and printers into robust multifunctional IoT devices that can dramatically improve business productivity and collaboration. However, multifunction printers are connected to business networks which pose unique cybersecurity challenges. An experienced hacker can expose an entire business network to data theft, business disruption, and financial turmoil by exploiting a security vulnerability in a connected MFP device.

Hackers have learned to leverage compromised MFPs as an entry point into business networks, marking a 45% increase over the past year with 1.5 attacks occurring on MFPs every minute. When these cybersecurity vulnerabilities are leveraged by malicious actors, they quickly turn an intelligent productivity tool into a cybersecurity liability that puts businesses’ sensitive data at risk.

A Commitment to Long-Term Cybersecurity

The comprehensive penetration testing performed by NTT DATA showcases Konica Minolta’s commitment to offering secure products that exceed industry standards for cybersecurity compliance. Konica Minolta continuously puts its products through rigorous cybersecurity testing to ensure they meet PCI, HIPAA, FERPA, and GDPR compliance requirements. The recent penetration tests conducted by NTT DATA illustrate an extra layer of threat protection and a continued commitment to providing customers the needed assurance that they can operate safely and free from printer-related breaches.

Chris Bilello, Vice President of Solutions and Vertical Market Business Development at Konica Minolta had this to say about the relationship between penetration testing and customer confidence.

“More and more frequently, our clients are asking us for penetration tests of our products, but I don’t know of a competitor that has contracted a Fortune 500 company with the penetration testing capabilities that NTT DATA has. In an environment where customers are increasingly and rightfully concerned with security, NTT DATA’s extra testing can provide an added sense of confidence.”

The most recent penetration testing highlights that the bizhub i-series multifunction printer product line is compliant with the highest data privacy and endpoint security standards, but this isn’t the first time Konica Minolta’s MFPs have been awarded and praised. Konica Minolta’s bizhub i-series has also won the coveted BLI 2021 A3 Line of the Year Award for reliability and the 2020-2021 Buyers Lab (BLI) PaceSetter Award for ease of use.

Stay Secure and Productive with a Cybersecurity Compliant Multifunction Printer

Customers need to feel secure as they encounter a new digital landscape overrun with emerging cybersecurity threats. As Meridian continues to innovate and further progress, our focus will remain on providing secure and reliable technologies that are intuitive, and adapt to the cybersecurity needs of our customers.

If your organization is ready to build an optimized and secure print environment, partner with a trusted multifunction printer specialist to implement a top-of-the-line bizhub i-series multifunction printer that best fits your business’s printing needs.

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