5 More Ways Law Firms Can Cut Costs Through Printer Management

5 More Ways Law Firms Can Cut Costs Through Printer Management

by Todd Stanton - September 12, 2017

My last blog post5 Ways Law Firms Can Achieve Savings Through Print Fleet Management was the first of a 2-part series with some helpful tips for law firms looking for cost-control or cost-recovery solutions through managed print services

Most of the issue is a general lack of awareness about efficient business process management as it relates to printing, and the fact that print-related costs are often unmanaged or under-managed. From eliminating personal desktop printers, to scanning more and eliminating excessive creation of paper files, there are many simple ways that businesses can increase their office productivity, while also increasing their office savings.

So, here are five more ways that a law firm — or virtually any other organization — can employ a print management system with a managed print services program to "go green" while saving green:

6. Reduce help desk calls

Up to 20% of help desk resources are spent on printer or copy machine related issues. Time spent on simple printing and copying issues takes away from the IT departments’ ability to focus on providing actual IT support. A print analysis can help you identify ways to save resources and reduce wasted IT support. 

7. Stop wasteful printing habits

 Do you know how much all of that printing is costing the organization? By implementing printer monitoring to track your printing habits, you can identify superfluous printing.

8. Print Anywhere

You have to deliver convenience to your users, while controlling printing costs. More printers aren’t the answer. This solution allows end users to print where it’s most convenient to print, creating an environment for better work flows and increasing productivity.

9. Buy the right equipment

Less equipment means less costs. An in depth analysis of your print environment will help to eliminate redundant printing, copying and faxing devices, resulting in consolidation and fewer expenses.

10. Recover printing costs

Are you one of the more than 65% of firms who don’t charge clients for billable prints? If so, why not? With the right tool you can properly track the resources and time used for clients’ cases, allowing you to appropriately charge clients for billable resources.

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From cutting color, to implementing "print anywhere" solutions, you now have access to ten simple ways your business can increase your organization's efficiency, while cutting company spending and unnecessary paperwork. If you missed the first five ways law firms can achieve savings through business process management and managed print services, click here to check it out. Learn how your office can go green and save money.

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