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ActivPanel LX

Introducing the ActivPanel LX by Promethean - the ultimate interactive display designed to revolutionize education. Engineered for seamless integration with existing technology platforms, it's built to captivate both teachers and students. Offering unmatched flexibility and affordability, this front-of-classroom display aligns with your favorite software and apps, ensuring reliability and adaptabilit

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  • A crystal clear 4K display that leverages HDMI 2.0 technology
  • Gigabit ethernet ports for uncompromised network speeds to a connected OPS device
  • LCD bonded glass offering excellent writing and viewing experiences
  • Advanced touch technology providing pen and touch differentiation, palm erase, and 20 points of touch
  • Dual front-facing speakers, an integrated full-length pen tray, and a wall mount

Seamless integration

The ActivPanel LX can be plugged into a laptop with a single USB-C cable, instantly turning your computer into a large-format interactive display. It can also be paired with a computing module that fits your preferred ecosystem—whether it be Google, Windows, or Android—giving you maximum flexibility. And as your edtech evolves and your needs change, your ActivPanel LX will always be able to adapt.

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