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ActivPanel 9 Pro

Introducing the future of collaborative education: ActivPanel 9 Pro. Engineered for seamless integration into the evolving educational landscape, this advanced tool ensures effortless connectivity and interaction, whether in-class or remotely. Feature-rich yet user-friendly, it empowers educators and students alike to create, collaborate, and communicate more effectively than ever before. Elevate your educational experience with ActivPanel 9 Pro - the essential technology for today's learning environments.

ActivPanel 9 Pro
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The best-in-class smart panel that’s built to last

The ActivPanel 9 Pro revolutionizes educational technology with unmatched touch interaction, superior audio-visual quality, and enhanced readability through bonded glass. Simplify access to online resources with one-touch integration, all backed by a robust five-year warranty, affirming our commitment to enduring excellence in education.

Game-changing accessories

The ActivPanel 9 Pro revolutionizes learning with its intuitive tools, designed specifically for the education sector. Including a wireless Logitech keyboard, capture card, four passive pens, and the versatile ActivPen that adjusts to pressure, doubles as a laser pointer, slide advanced, and magnifier, it's the ultimate interactive classroom asset.

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