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What is the Workplace of the Future?

What is the Workplace of the Future?

by Todd Stanton - November 6, 2019

In the spring of 2019, Konica Minolta rolled out a suite of products designed to take office automation to the next level. This is the Workplace of the Future. 

The innovative technologies all work as stand-alone solutions, but are especially effective when paired with other Konica Minolta products.  Together, these products have the power to make offices more efficient and connected by leveraging technologies that have come of age in the last few years, including automation, the Internet of Things, and cloud computing.

Meet Alice the Virtual Receptionist  

The world already knows Siri and Alexa. Visitors to offices are just getting to know virtual receptionist Alice from Konica Minolta partner WinTech. 

Like Siri and Alexa, Alice is a friendly computer program that can automatically do many tasks as well as or better than a human receptionist. Some office specific tasks that Alice excels at include greeting visitors, directing them to sign in, connecting them to specific employees, taking visitor photos, and printing out visitor ID badges.  

To date, Alice’s clients include the DC government, Univision, NASA, the Salvation Army, and the Meridian Imaging Solutions office here in Alexandria, Virginia.

download the ALICE virtual receptionist brochure

Hub Copiers and the Edge Server 

Physically, Konica Minolta’s Workplace Hub looks like a multifunction printer. But under the hood, it’s also a Hewlett Packard Enterprise server and a WiFi access point. Recent internet of things innovations have made it possible (and advantageous) to make printers the center of electronic document workflows in addition to being the paper-based hub. 

Meanwhile, the Edge server delivers most of the Workplace Hub features in a smaller box, although without the multifunction printer capabilities.

Energy Saving Device Management Software

Office managers today find benefits of connecting all kinds of devices to the internet, from printers, to surveillance cameras, to even vending machines. 

These connected devices can now transmit useful information about conditions, including  temperature, humidity, and electrical connection. enVision Sense is a predictive analytics software let’s office managers make sense of this data, and use it to save energy and protect the health of their hardware, especially high-dollar investments items like production printers.

Further Reading

Interested in incorporating of these innovations into your office? Learn more here about the full suite of products and technologies in Konica Minolta's Workplace of the Future. 

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