ALICE Provides Virtual Solutions for Office Reception

ALICE Provides Virtual Solutions for Office Reception

by Todd Stanton - June 8, 2020

With a new awareness of contagion in shared spaces and the ever-present need to monitor visitors, a virtual reception tool like ALICE is critical to office security, health, and safety.

A Visitor Management System (VMS) like the ALICE Receptionist system has the tools that companies need to welcome visitors to a secure environment, maintain safety and limit person-to-person interaction, and increase office productivity.

How does ALICE work?

ALICE has a vast assortment of features, starting with a welcoming visitor greeting. A motion-activated system with a friendly face automatically welcomes guests (various languages are available), or you can personalize the ALICE experience by recording your own customized greeting from the company CEO or previous receptionist.

As visitors are given a friendly greeting, staff can be notified that someone has arrived at the building. 

Visitors can remotely interface with the appropriate staff members using ALICE’s sophisticated communication system. ALICE can be connected to specific desk or mobile phones, or through popular telecom applications like Skype or the ALICE Client software. The system is designed to seamlessly integrate with all major VoIP applications. 

ALICE can perform numerous reception tasks, allowing employees and guests to stay safe while eliminating unnecessary or unwanted visitors:

  • Introduction screens to orient new visitors
  • Self check in for individuals and groups
  • Printed adhesive visitor badges
  • Provide directions and visuals for meeting destination
  • Pre-scheduled visitor coordination
  • Induction documentation and videos
  • Accurate time log of visiting parties 

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Touchless Security Features

While limiting interactions is important and eliminating unnecessary contact is crucial, ALICE’s visitor registration system provides valuable insight into who is present in the building at any given time, and recorded for contact tracing at a later date. 

ALICE virtual reception is designed with security measures in place to increase visibility and verification standards. A variety of features allow for visitor verification during the check-in process, including:

  • Visual verification by a member of your staff through remote cameras 
  • Scanning of government-issued ID 
  • Visitor screening synced with a US Consolidated Screening list
  • Historic and regular visitor reports 
  • Remote employee interactions

These measures provide enhanced security through a virtual environment for any facility. Determining whether a business or organization is a good-fit for implementing a virtual receptionist depends on a few factors.

download the ALICE virtual receptionist brochure

What industries or companies are suited to implement a virtual receptionist?

In general, the organizations that benefit most from ALICE fit into one of the qualifying groups below: 

1. Facilities with over 10 daily visitors

Managing, organizing, and sending visitors to the right location can be a challenge. Any facility that deals with multiple visitors a day can implement ALICE to improve the visitor experience while enhancing efficiency and productivity. 

2. High stress industries

A virtual receptionist, especially one with video-recording and secure visitor-screening technology, is crucial for a company or organization dealing with high-stress issues, like government agencies, low-level clearance restricted access zones, or judicial buildings and law offices. 

3. Health and wellness sector

Businesses and organizations in the health and wellness sector must reduce contact and eliminate unneeded visits (i.e. clinics, pharmacies, or facilities with a large volume of health professionals).

4. Hospitality and event spaces

Large scale conferences and networking events are changing to meet the needs of local and national regulation, and providing a touchless reception is one step to evolve the front line of hospitality and events to limit contagion through remote interaction. 

A Worthwhile Investment

Any business that brings potential clients to their offices can create an image of professionalism, technological proficiency, and a forward-thinking mentality by installing ALICE. 

As technology continues to transform the modern face of the business world, virtual reception is quickly becoming a cost-saving choice. In addition to decreasing possible exposure, ALICE taps into the communication applications already in use by the rest of the company, and introduces the now-expected level of transparency and efficiency to the front office. 

In the very recent past, companies could implement touchless systems, if they felt the need and had the available resources. In the wake of COVID-19, the need for monitoring visitors, reducing contact, and enhancing security is a top priority for all organizations. It’s no longer an option, it’s expected.

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