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Top 4 Ways a Decentralized Video Surveillance System Can Benefit Your Organization

Top 4 Ways a Decentralized Video Surveillance System Can Benefit Your Organization

by Garrett Evans - June 24, 2021

Decentralized video surveillance has quickly become the “go-to” security system for businesses and not without good reason. A decentralized approach to video surveillance enables organizations to reduce system costs while simultaneously positioning infrastructure for scalability and growth into the future.

MOBOTIX, a global leader in commercial video surveillance systems, continues to revolutionize the industry with the world's first decentralized IP camera with recording and DVR management capabilities built-in. MOBOTIX’s innovative decentralized business surveillance system has caused expensive central recording systems to quickly become obsolete.

Organizations can leverage a tailored commercial video surveillance solution powered by MOBOTIX’s innovative decentralized concept for uncompromised reliability and fortified security that scales.

What is a Decentralized Video Surveillance System?

While centralized video surveillance requires a central video server, the IP cameras in a decentralized video surveillance system do not. The decentralized architecture eliminates the need for a central computer as the network load is minimal.

Unlike other systems, MOBOTIX’s decentralized concept combines high-resolution surveillance and video management software (VMS) with built-in processing and recording capabilities to provide a highly stable and reliable security infrastructure.

Depending on the specific needs of a given security environment, decentralized IP cameras can store image data in several ways such as:

  • Internally on inexpensive SD cards or USB memory
  • Externally on NAS drives
  • Remotely on an organization’s network
  • In the cloud

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Disadvantages of a Centralized Video Surveillance System

Traditional centralized video surveillance systems have quickly become outdated due to several limitations. Traditional centralized cameras only provide the images while the analysis and recording are done separately on a central PC using expensive video management software.

A centralized video surveillance system constantly requires high network bandwidth to operate at peak performance. Legacy centralized systems are also difficult to scale as they are reliant on PC processing power. The HDTV MPEG4 film used in a majority of centralized video surveillance systems is difficult to process efficiently and only gets more difficult as more high-resolution cameras are added to the infrastructure.

Overall, the high number of PCs needed to effectively operate and scale a centralized video surveillance system results in a less attractive and less profitable option when compared to an intelligent decentralized video surveillance system.

Benefits of a Decentralized Video Surveillance System

From intrusion prevention to cybersecurity, legacy centralized surveillance systems can no longer adequately protect organizations from mounting security risks. Advancements in technology and supporting software have solidified decentralized video surveillance as the preferred security solution. Here are the top 4 reasons to upgrade to a decentralized security system.

Enhance Reliability

From the nascent stages of product development, MOBOTIX has strictly adhered to its mission of providing a reliable surveillance system with no single point of failure. The MOBOTIX decentralized video surveillance system encompasses multiple independently operating cameras connected to a network. This decentralized approach to video surveillance ensures continuity in the case of a catastrophic network disruption.

Reduce System Costs

The decentralized concept behind intelligent MOBOTIX security systems enables organizations to reduce overhead system costs, plus the decentralized infrastructure requires very little computing power to operate. The minimal bandwidth load combined with low energy consumption results in an elegant video surveillance architecture that requires less maintenance and therefore less money to maintain.

MOBOTIX cameras also come equipped with professional video management software, completely free of charge and without licensing fees. A low-cost and low-maintenance solution, decentralized business security systems from MOBOTIX is an investment that quickly pays for itself while the free-of-charge software and cybersecurity updates will continue to ensure a sustainable future-proof investment.

Maintain Security

Cyberattacks against internet-connected software and hardware are a growing security risk for organizations. Hackers are searching for the weakest link in the security perimeter to gain access to business-sensitive information and confidential data.

The innovative decentralized infrastructure of MOBOTIX video surveillance cameras ensures scalable security by having robust cybersecurity defenses built in. These proactive cybersecurity features establish an end-to-end video system that is reliable and fully protected against hacking attacks.

  • Fortified Operating System - Specially developed and secured Linux-based operating system with an unknown structure making it difficult to hack.
  • Frequent and Encrypted Firmware Updates - Encrypted firmware updates helps protect all recordings and sensitive company data.
  • Multi-layered Defense - Even if a hacker succeeds in securing stolen credentials, the data cannot be used to penetrate other cameras within the network.

Promote Scalability

MOBOTIX commercial video surveillance cameras are designed with scalability, integration, and flexibility as a top feature, meaning decentralized surveillance cameras easily integrate into existing systems so organizations can confidently scale with ease and efficiency. The revolutionary decentralized design provides organizations maximum flexibility and add-on capabilities so they can continue to optimize their security infrastructure as new needs arise.

Organizations only need to add more data storage as they add additional cameras to the system. The entire surveillance system including the software, camera, recording, and accessory components can individually combine with other ONVIF-compatible security equipment, providing a flexible option for scaling video surveillance security systems.

Future-Proof Your Facility with Scalable Decentralized Video Security

MOBOTIX’s decentralized approach enables organizations to position infrastructure for scalability and growth into the future. Organizations should consider taking advantage of the extensive benefits of a decentralized commercial surveillance system and partner with a managed business security provider to design and implement a customizable security solution that proactively protects employees, property, and sensitive company data.

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