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How to Leverage an ECM Solution to Simplify Remote Employee Onboarding

How to Leverage an ECM Solution to Simplify Remote Employee Onboarding

by Pat Pharr - March 18, 2021

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a versatile set of tools and services that helps businesses increase workflow efficiency and promote the streamlining of document environments while providing users easy access to an organized digitized content library anywhere from any device. ECM solutions can help maximize process efficiency, streamline document capture, and simplify content management to make office tasks easier, boost staff morale, and increase client satisfaction.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause disruptions to business operations, the majority of offices are turning to remote workforces. With remote workforces becoming more frequent, a sustainable solution for onboarding the evolving hybrid workforce landscape is increasingly needed.

Experienced managed service providers will be able to capitalize on ECM’s versatility and provide a tailored solution that encompasses easy and efficient remote employee onboarding.

ECM Solutions for Remote Employee Onboarding

Businesses that provide a smooth remote onboarding process ensure that the new hire feels comfortable, supported, and confident in their decision to join the organization. How organizations handle the remote onboarding process will most likely be a new hire's first impression of the company’s internal management and therefore it is imperative that organizations implement a proactive solution that will provide a simplified remote onboarding process.

An ECM solution can help the human resources department streamline document processes in order to simplify the onboarding process by providing cutting-edge content management software and document management tools. By combining these tools, organizations receive a powerful solution for managing the barrage of paperwork associated with remote employee onboarding. With the reduction of paper-heavy processes, HR departments can not only set the right first impression but improve the new hire’s experience and overall satisfaction with the organization for the long term, drastically improving employee retention rates.

Remote Employee Onboarding: Simplified and Streamlined

Organizations that partner with a managed service provider to implement content management workflows benefit in a variety of different ways due to the versatility of ECM. An increasingly attractive benefit of ECM solutions is the capability to provide a simplified and streamlined remote employee onboarding process. Organizations that deploy an ECM solution can simplify the remote employee onboarding process by providing the following.

Remote Document Access - With an ECM solution, organizations with multiple locations or staff working off-site maintain efficient and secure document access no matter the location.

Paperless Onboarding - ECM software allows employees to access digitized onboarding paperwork from their remote environment before the job begins to maximize efficiency.

Faster Response Times - An ECM system makes information readily available increasing response time. Addressing remote employee questions or concerns accurately and with a fast service level agreement (SLA) will minimize potential frustrations and ultimately make them feel more valued. Advanced ECM solutions leverage voice assist and artificial intelligence to further increase response times.

Security and Compliance - A comprehensive ECM system can quickly detect missing documents and legal paperwork to ensure regulatory compliance. Organizations that keep remote employee data in an ECM system provide an extra layer of security through user access settings where administrators provide access based on the specific security clearance levels of individual users.

Automatic Notifications - Instantaneously and automatically notify departments about new employees.

Centralized Storage - Create a centralized, secure, and instantly accessible repository of all personnel files

Linked Document Images to HR Records - Easily link images of documents to records in HR software for instant access and quick retrieval. Examples of linked documents include I-9 forms, drivers licenses, passports, and proof of citizenship credentials.

Using ECM Solutions to Simplify Your Remote Employee Onboarding Process

During these difficult times, organizations are increasingly turning to digital content management solutions to mitigate the disruptions to business operations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations that partner with a trusted managed service provider can proactively implement a sustainable modern solution for onboarding dispersed workforces.

Businesses that implement a ECM solution to simplify their remote employee onboarding process provide a safe avenue for employees to maintain social distancing while simultaneously enabling the productivity of remote employees no matter their location.

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