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Trent Edwards

Trent Edwards
Trent Edwards oversees all things technology-related—which encompasses the IT needs inside Meridian’s ever growing operation, as well as the technology needs of Meridian’s clients. Since returning to Meridian, Trent has been instrumental in the launch and significant growth of the professional services arm of the company. Constantly on the lookout for emerging technologies, Trent carefully monitors industry trends and objectively evaluates the newest products and applications. As Vice President of Technology, he manages Meridian’s technology team, builds partnerships with industry-leading vendors, and serves on the company’s leadership panel. Trent’s most recent accomplishment was the unveiling of a world-class data center initiative.

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How a Virtual CIO (VCIO) Can Help DC Small Businesses Budget Better

Trent Edwards

Posted by Trent Edwards
Thu, May 05, 2016

Most businesses spend about 6-8% of revenue on technology-related expenses. I'm quite familiar with this statistic because, as the chief information officer (CIO) here at Meridian, or VP of Technology as I’m officially known, I am constantly involved in both technology and finance.

It's vital I see to it that my company utilizes the best technology that it can:

  1. afford to purchase, use and maintain
  2. leverage to improve its ability to pursue its core mission and meet goals
  3. increase the bottom line and generate revenue

A virtual chief information officer (VCIO), at least ones like we provide here at Meridian for small-to-midsize businesses (SMBs), has the same set of responsibilities. Read on to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of a traditional CIO vs VCIO, as well as how they help businesses create and stick to a predictable technology budget.

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