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Why Law Firms Need Effective Print Management

Why Law Firms Need Effective Print Management

by Pat Pharr - March 6, 2024

In the legal world, the written word reigns supreme, and the speed of information sets the pace of productivity. Information is always coming and going, and having efficient access to everything from case files to detailed legal paperwork is essential. 

However, managing and securing these vast amounts of documentation can be an overwhelming task without the right strategies in place. This is where effective print management comes into play. 

Whether you're a small practice or a large legal corporation, understanding the value of print management could be a game-changer for your firm. Let’s explore managed print for legal practices and discover how a well-managed print environment can make a significant difference to your firm's productivity, budget, and overall success.

Understanding Print Management

Managed print services (MPS) are much more than simply ensuring your office printer is stocked with paper and ink. It involves creating a customized strategy for your printing needs, optimizing print processes, and implementing secure document management systems.

For legal firms, this means having a comprehensive plan in place to handle the vast amount of paperwork that comes through the doors every day. A cloud print management service handles every aspect of a law firm’s printing needs, including: 

  • Cost control 
  • Print security
  • Device management
  • Print fleet monitoring 
  • Software implementation

Essentially, an MPS provider will handle all the behind-the-scenes work so your firm can focus on what matters most: serving your clients. This includes assessing current printing practices, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing proactive maintenance for multifunctional devices and other print equipment.  

The Importance of Managed Print Solutions in Law Firms

Physical documents are necessary within the legal industry and are often irreplaceable in environments like a courtroom. From case files to contracts, managing print tasks' high volume and complexity is mission-critical. Without an effective print management solution, law firms can face a variety of challenges:

  • Inflated costs
  • Inefficiencies
  • Security vulnerabilities

Law firms spend around 3% of their annual revenues on printing and document input. Unfortunately, not many businesses truly understand the impact of these costs on their bottom line. Without a clear picture of purchases and print resource consumption across departments, print costs can be hard to manage, leading to the above-mentioned challenges. 

While one solution may be to limit the amount of printed documents, that’s not possible for most firms. This is where managed print services become an attractive option. These services not only streamline print tasks but also align with the firm’s need for confidentiality, compliance, and cost-efficiency.

Benefits of Managed Print for Legal 

A managed print solution is more than a luxury for a law firm; it’s necessary. Let’s explore a few key benefits to help illustrate the value of print management in everyday legal operations. 

1. Cost Savings

First, of course, are the potential cost savings. Reducing inefficiencies in everyday print tasks starts with a comprehensive print assessment. This audit will establish the current usage and level of expenditure, helping to better understand the current operating costs.

From here, the MPS provider will walk through the management of current assets, touching on aspects like the implications of using OEM vs. generic supplies. There is also the optimization of asset deployment and implementation of print software solutions that can reduce current state costs by a significant amount.

2. Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency

Time is always a finite resource in the legal industry. In the event a printing or a copying device fails, it can disrupt workflows and compromise productivity levels. Instead of dealing with print task troubleshooting, legal professionals should use their time and resources to manage casework, while practice managers should spend time ensuring the business runs smoothly.

The right managed print service offers a direct line to an expert who can provide the assistance and support needed to keep the workday on track and on time. Moreover, a managed print solution can eliminate manual tasks, streamline workflows, and reduce the time spent on document management — allowing law firms to work more efficiently.

3. Better Document Security and Compliance

In an industry known for sensitive and confidential information, robust security is non-negotiable. A single document can contain everything from financial data to court evidence. Unfortunately, this means breaches are a common occurrence. In fact, around 25% of law firms experience a security breach of some kind. 

A managed print service can help alleviate some risks with enhanced security features like print job holding and file/user authentication. Moreover, leveraging print management to solidify security measures is more than just a means of staying compliant with the various industry regulations; it also means maintaining trust with other firms, courts, and clients.

4. Reduced Environmental Impact

While paper is a renewable resource, there is no denying the impact that inefficient printing practices have on the environment. As mentioned earlier, eliminating all print tasks from legal operations is virtually impossible. But, by adopting sustainable print practices with a print service, firms can minimize paper waste, lower energy consumption, and encourage the recycling of toner and paper.

It’s also the case that efficient document management can reduce some of the need for physical prints, as with some additional features like digital signatures. This ultimately reduces the environmental impact without impacting everyday operations. Moreover, law firms can contribute to sustainability by setting print quotas, using duplex printing, and opting for eco-conscious paper and ink options.

Ready to Streamline Print Management for Your Law Firm? 

It’s clear that print management is a necessary element of operating a law firm. Without the right printing support, legal businesses can face inefficiencies, including productivity issues as well as cost challenges. In an industry where physical documents are irreplaceable, a transparent and optimized approach to printing is a competitive edge. 

Law firms interested in streamlining their operations should request a print assessment from a credible MSP. By completing the evaluation, you’ll unlock powerful insights into your print environment and take the initial step toward optimizing your processes.

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