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How to Choose the Right Managed Print Software for Your Business

How to Choose the Right Managed Print Software for Your Business

by Obi Nwaneri - July 29, 2021

In today’s increasingly saturated digital marketplace, there are a variety of comprehensive managed print software solutions that can be leveraged to help businesses of all sizes streamline their print environment and cut unnecessary costs.

Taking the time to understand your unique print environment can allow you to partner with a trusted managed print service provider to implement the right print software solution that boosts the productivity of your employees, the efficiency of your print technology, and the effectiveness of your print software investment.

Top Commercial Print Management Software Services

Businesses of all sizes have a variety of print management software platforms at their disposal to help them reach their productivity goals and lower print costs along the way. While understanding the benefits of a print management software service is easy, the difficulty lies in choosing the right one for your business.

Here are the top print management software solutions and the typical scenarios they are utilized in to provide you a better sense of the solution best suited for your print environment.

Dispatcher Paragon

Dispatcher Paragon, a print management software from Konica Minolta, enables streamlined centralized accounting for all print, copy, and scan operations. Suitable for businesses of all sizes, Dispatcher Paragon provides an extensive range of tools that improve print
workflows, increase employee productivity, and ultimately reduce print-related costs.

Konica Minolta’s managed print software is ideally suited for project-based work. Businesses can utilize Dispatcher Paragon to:

  • Assign billing codes to individual projects and multi-level project structures.
  • Enable a fast and easy chargeback of print costs to projects and/or customers.
  • Define various pricing tables and budgets for different users.
  • Give individual users or user groups access rights on various levels.

PaperCut MF

Designed to make print management easier for businesses with limited resources, PaperCut MF enables small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to create and maintain a cost-effective print environment. Grounded in a superior customer experience, PaperCut MF is easy to install, maintain, and upgrade, increasing uptime and decreasing strain on internal IT admins.

PaperCut MF also provides SMBs the flexibility to implement over 100 third-party integrations and customizations. The collection of APIs, customizations, and third-party add-ons enable SMBs to maximize their print management software investment while simultaneously streamlining other business areas such as payment processing.

This type of print management software is typically implemented for SMBs and educational institutions due to its robust tracking capabilities. PaperCut MF reliably tracks printer usage on an individual, department, or office-wide basis and generates reports compared to budget constraints and environmental impacts.

SMBs and educational institutions can utilize PaperCut MF to:

  • Track usage by user and charge each individual accordingly.
  • Assign print quotas to limit overproduction.
  • Secure data before, during, and after printing.
  • Unlock in-depth printer insights and real-time reporting.


Equitrac, a managed print software by Kofax, is a scalable print solution designed to mitigate security risks and maximize print cost savings. Equitrac print software can be integrated with Konica Minolta and HP multifunction printers to reduce print waste, enhance document security, and streamline IT support.

Equitrac managed print software is typically implemented for larger corporations due to superior enterprise-level security. Powerful security features including secure follow-you printing, print-release rules, and watermarking help larger businesses improve their security and compliance posture.

Enterprise-level corporations can utilize Equitrac to:

  • Reduce print and labor costs with usage tracking.
  • Secure devices with user-based authentication.
  • Mitigate data loss with comprehensive audit trail reporting.
  • Solve printing challenges with a single, intelligent print queue.

Choosing the Right Print Management Software Service for Your Business

Intelligent print management software helps businesses of all sizes streamline their print environment and cut unnecessary costs. Businesses seeking to implement a new print management software should consult with a trusted managed print service provider to seamlessly integrate the software platform best suited for your unique printing needs and infrastructure.

Meridian print specialists work alongside your IT team to provide comprehensive print infrastructure assessments to identify and integrate the right managed print software based on the specific print environment and company needs.

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