Local County School District Embraces Low Cost Color Imaging to Educate More Effectively

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A local county school district has been a Meridian customer for three lease cycles. Over a year ago, the K-12 school system faced a shrinking print budget, while demand for color printing dramatically increased. The demand for color in academics can be attributed to the enhanced learning experience it brings. Red is commonly used for testing and blue is used for reading and retention lessons. For the education industry, in-house curriculum printing is the new trend and this school district wanted to explore how a printing solution could help them better serve their students while providing a more efficient low cost print environment.

The school district accurately realized the growing need for color due to the benefits of color in learning. According to substantial research, color printing:

  • Improves readership by 40%
  • Improves learning and retention by 78%
  • Improves comprehension by 73%

The local county school district was faced with the complicated, seemingly contradictory challenge of how to print more while spending less to ensure they stay on budget.


The local county school district print environment consisted of a traditional print shop with both Monochrome and Color Toner production devices. The school district needs for color printing continued to rise while their print budget remained fixed. To combat this challenge, Meridian introduced the idea of supplementing the color production with RISO Inkjet technology for color printed curriculum in addition to the existing color printing capabilities. Meridian strategically chose to install the RISO GD7330 to meet the unique printing parameters of the school district.

RISO Inkjet technology’s key value proposition is that it offers end-users a reliable, cost efficient color print solution for organization’s with slim printing budgets. The RISO GD7330 uses a cold, dry, flat imaging process that does not slow due to media thickness. This offers organizations a huge productivity savings as color output on the RISO has a consistent finishing time.


Meridian’s strategic recommendation to implement RISO Inkjet technology resulted in a more streamlined and cost effective print environment for the local county school district. Transitioning away from inefficient traditional print shop technologies and moving toward innovation with the RISO GD7330 Color Inkjet printer, they are now printing 75% of color requirements to the RISO printer, while reducing overall operating costs by 54%.

Teachers and students now have access to colored educational materials at a fraction of the price. “I love it, I love the booklet finisher, saddlestitch booklets and hole punch,” exclaimed one teacher. With a color imaging solution that fits their budget parameters, the school district can now confidently provide effective educational materials to their student body.

Additional Benefits

  • Outstanding Durability – The durability and reliability of the printer increases significantly by eliminating heat and using fewer parts. The local county school district has had the RISO GD7330 for over a year, with no service calls and over 100,000 print jobs.
  • Speed – The RISO GD7330 prints at 130 pages per minute which enhances printing speed and overall efficiency.
  • Additional Print Options - The local county school district can now print additional media including printing onto construction paper, card stock, and carbonless copy (NCR) paper.
  • Eco-Friendly - Streamlining their print environment and transitioning to a low cost color imaging solution resulted in a smaller carbon footprint with lower power consumption.

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