Electric Cooperative Succeeds in Controlling Print Costs

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Project Overview

Prior to rolling out a customized managed print (MPS) program, a local electric cooperative dedicated in-house IT personnel to administer the utility company’s printers. Taking responsibility for the repair, preventative maintenance and inventory of printer consumables made determining actual print costs an inaccurate science. Excessive quantities of printer supplies were purchased, taking up physical storage space with some items either out-of-date or for models that were no longer in use. Print counts were only available by physically retrieving each machine’s counter.


Of several vendors, Meridian Imaging Solutions was selected for implementation. Meridian had an existing relationship with the electric cooperative as their provider of multifunctional copying equipment and services and was already regarded as an excellent vendor. The inside knowledge of the activity associated with those devices combined with the familiarity of the types of applications the electric cooperative uses enabled Meridian to make recommendations that impact all their document costs. Working together, an MPS program was implemented that centralized maintenance and supply administration for all their copiers, printers and fax machines.

COMPLETE – powered by PrintFleet – is a one-way, remote monitoring software designed to collect printer and copier metrics. Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, real-time reporting and alerts is always available. The business intelligence Meridian can provide will help the electric cooperative continuously respond to changes in their print environment, and help to troubleshoot and develop a plan for a better process. The COMPLETE MPS solution removes the administrative burden from the electric cooperative, by automating disparate processes and creating more efficiency within the organization.

Print Fleet Management

  • COMPLETE MPS Solution powered by PrintFleet
  • 24/7 reporting and alerts available
  • Remote monitoring of Network Peripherals
  • Automated Meter Collection
  • Proactive Supply Shipments


  • Total monthly average MPS expenses equal their former toner costs alone
  • At no extra cost, outsourced printer repair reduces the need for their IT intervention by as much as 20%
  • Have supplies shipped to the proper location on time as needed
  • Send invoices to proper locations and draw funds from proper budgets
  • Develop an ongoing print management strategy that changes with their environment
  • Identify and correct unnecessary spending within print environment.
  • Provide a unified purchasing process; receive one monthly invoice for the entire fleet of printers rather than obtain toner from a variety of sources
  • Optimize device health with proper utilization and preventative maintenance
  • Generate detailed reports that assist management with cost controls
  • Easy end-user access to supplies and service
  • Continued reliable, quality prints
  • Chargeback capabilities make departments accountable for their activity and allow for more accurate budget planning
  • MPS tools reroute print jobs to the most cost-efficient machines
  • Unnecessary printing is eliminated

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