County Office Gets Transaction Visibility With MOBOTIX

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Project Overview

Government office fulfills goal to find enterprise video management solution.


• Two Locations
• County size – pop. 201,800
• Primarily the offices that provide license tags


The county felt that their existing systems were not providing an acceptable video to document the transactions. The department of their focus provided new or renewing car tags. Constituents needed to provide documents to the staff and pay for the new tags during their interaction with the employees. There were several disadvantages with their current arrangement.

  • No audio – the conversation is part of the transaction and they were missing this important aspect of their oversight.
  • Disparate cameras – each camera at each location operated independently. Without a unified platform, they were making more work for their security team than necessary.
  • Real-Time, simultaneous viewing – while both cameras recorded transactions – they were independent. So, they did not have a convenient dashboard that would enable them to easily view all locations’ images.
  • Poor image quality – the current images were not up-to-par to be a clear record to verify the transactions.

Further, each location lacked access control for employees. They wanted a more secure entry control system – prospectively using RFID.


Since the county was looking for an Enterprise Video Management System to cover multiple locations, simultaneously, they worked with the Konica Minolta Intelligent Security Services team in the selection of the MOBOTIX S16 camera for its flexibility of dual sensors, high quality video and audio recording, and we provided a single, unified platform with the Mx Cloud interface to enhanced their multi-location operational oversight.

  • With one sensor on the documents and currency and one lens on the customer and employee –
    the entire transaction was recorded with a single camera.
  • The county now had one intelligent video network to easily verify any transaction.
MOBOTIX cameras record images with a high resolution without any loss of detail. This enabled the county to have right quality for verification of their payment transactions. To complete this solution, we added the Genetec access control system to ensure the county employees has safer access points within their locations. With their new intelligent video security solution in place, they now have greater clarity on their business operations and high quality video images and audio reflecting the actual transactions.

Hardware & Software Solutions

  • Eight MOBOTIX Thermal Screening Stations for elevated body temperature detection at designated entrances to the buildings

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