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[News Release] Meridian Announces Global Cloud Printing Service

[News Release] Meridian Announces Global Cloud Printing Service

by Chris Graves - August 21, 2020

In the age of remote workplaces, businesses’s printing needs have changed, and Konica Minolta’s printing services have evolved with them. The new Konica Minolta and Meridian global Cloud Printing Service will manage the total print environment of its customers, from printers and servers to applications and network management. Customers will only pay for what they use, helping SMBs and Enterprise businesses save on printing expenses and simplify their processes.

The New Global Cloud Printing Services

During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses of all sizes have had to make rapid adjustments to their daily operations. Cloud Printing Services enable customers to focus on their jobs’ core responsibilities rather than wasting time and resources managing print servers, drivers, or queues. Instead, Cloud Printing Services provide a simple, reliable printing environment management system equipped with the latest security standards and the ability to print from any device across a wide variety of applications.

Cloud Printing Service features include:

  • Cost Control by reducing paper purchasing costs and storage fees
  • IT Simplifications thanks to streamlined paper management solutions
  • Security and Convenience to protect company documents
  • Simplified User Experience facilitating an easy-to-use experience
  • Support of Green Initiatives to get your business involved in helping the planet

The global Cloud Printing Services will also connect to the new Universal Print from Microsoft to manage a completely cloud-based print infrastructure that does not require any on-premise equipment. The bizhub i-Series MFPs also support direct printing through Universal Print.

Choosing Global Cloud Printing Service During COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down in-person business operations, IT teams were faced with a huge demand for a frictionless transition to remote work. These demands are time-consuming and delicate, and IT professionals shouldn’t have to also manage a print environment. Cloud Printing Services lift that weight from IT departments while giving customers the opportunity to streamline their business operations and increase overall efficiency, even in the remote workplace.

Konica Minolta and Meridian’s global Cloud Printing Service only requires customers to pay for what they actually use, significantly reducing unnecessary fees and freeing up room in the budget for SMBs and Enterprise businesses alike as they navigate the unforeseen expenses of the pandemic.

Whether businesses are keeping employees home, operating with scaled-back teams in the office, or doing business as usual, printing services need to accommodate efficient workflows to keep daily operations running smoothly. Cloud Printing Services provide a secure and cost-efficient way for every member of the team to remain connected through printing technology that works from any device and no longer relies on on-premise infrastructure.

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