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Buy or Lease New, Used or Refurbished Devices Office Equipment from Top Brands, Including Konica Minolta, HP, KIP & RISO

meridian-employees-beth-jason-interacting-with-konica-minolta-production-printer-copier.jpgLooking to upgrade your office copy and print efficiency instantly? It all starts with a call right here to Meridian at (703) 461-8195. 

We can not only help you nail down the perfect copier and print equipment for your office environment, (fully delivered and installed throughout Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia) but we also offer award-winning repair and maintenance services for the top major brands of commercial office equipment in the marketplace. 

A Solution for Each Office

We are proud to offer a wide range of office equipment from top brands like Konica Minolta, Riso, and more to businesses ranging from small local offices to government and large-scale multi-user environments with hundred of users. 

From desktop printers to multifunctional copier machines, to advanced production printing equipment and even wide-format printers, we can supply equipment for all of your output needs.

No matter what your size, our team will plan, deliver, and install exactly the right solution tailored to your needs.

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Timely Talk About IT Security – Wannacry!

By now, I'm just going to assume that most, if not all, of you have at least heard something about the Wannacry! Ransomware.

It’s been all over the news and many of my colleagues and clients have been asking me about it. Unfortunately, I have to deliver some bad news – these kinds of threats are going to continue to be more frequent. They're even getting cooler names from the individuals or groups disseminating them, so the media promotes them more, too...the jury's still out on whether that's a good thing, or a bad thing. 

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While widespread awareness can help slow the spread of bugs like this, it can also inspire copycat attacks from others who want their 15 minutes in the limelight. However, the thing the media's definitely not talking about enough is the fact that this could have been prevented if people simply took proper preventative care of their networks. 

Were you covered for the Wannacry attack? Are you sure or How do you know? Who do you call to get answers about something like this?

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Improving Your Law Firm with Dispatcher Phoenix Legal

Lawyers, paralegals, and other legal professionals go to work each day to address vital issues for their clients. It’s critical that law firms use innovative and advanced solutions to maximize their practice’s productivity.

That’s why we developed Dispatcher Phoenix Legal, our award-winning document workflow application. This legal records management system specifically designed to streamline the processing of case files, affidavits, subpoenas and other legal documents. Dispatcher Phoenix Legal helps our customers with the document-processing challenges that they face every day, driving efficiencies and allowing attorneys to focus on what they do best – the practice of law.

Casner & Edwards, the law firm that was highlighted in a customer success story and blog, used Dispatcher Phoenix to speed their printing process. But that’s not the only way that legal professionals can take advantage of the advanced processing features of Dispatcher Phoenix to work more quickly and accurately.


Construction and Property Management: Technology trends to watch

These are the major changes and technology transformations that are influencing the construction and property management industry.

The construction and property management industry has been experiencing strong growth and expansion, with additional growth anticipated in the coming years — and with growth comes transformation.

There are a handful of technology trends influencing the construction and property management sector that are important for organizations in these fields to be aware of.

By gaining an understanding of the shifts that are taking place, they will be better positioned to recognize which organizational adjustments and operational strategy changes they need to make to prepare for the future and gain a competitive advantage.

In this post, I'll expand on a few notable trends I've noticed or been asked about in my dealings with clients in this field, including:

  1. Increased emphasis on collaboration
  2. Internet of Things (IoT)
  3. Virtual and augmented realities (AR and VR)
  4. Telepresence and automated receptionist systems