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Here's a list of support resources to help with any issues you may encounter

Pay Invoice(s) Online

Click here to pay your Meridian invoice(s) online through our E-Bill Express payment system powered by Wells Fargo.

Customer Internet Access

e-info / Customer Internet Access is a secure, web-based application that is integrated with our in-house enterprise management system, enabling us to respond immediately to all customer requests and activity. To activate your free account, complete the form on this page. If you already have an account, click here to login.

Meter Readings

Obtaining meter readings from copiers and printers often plays an important role in our billing process. Just as the power company determines your bill based on how much electricity you've used, many office equipment maintenance contracts are structured to bill based on how many clicks (pages, copies, or prints) you've used. Recording accurate meter readings also helps us proactively spot overages or underages, which can be costly and may cause performance issues or downtime.

We love to use a data-driven approach for just about everything, so we make efforts to obtain meter readings from all clients, to ensure our invoices are accurate and based on actual usage data. However, in some cases where meter readings are unavailable, volume estimates based on historic usage data may be used for invoice calculations, which makes our data-loving selves sad. 

We highly recommend all clients ensure meter readings are submitted on a regular basis, and we offer 3 easy, free ways to submit them. Click here to learn more and select your meter submission method.

Customer Screen Share

Need to share your screen with our remote support team? Access the screen share application here

Satisfaction Survey

We value your feedback — please let us know how we're doing. There are only a few questions, so it should be painless! Click here to tell us what we're doing well, and where we can improve.

Konica Minolta Interactive Manuals/User Guides

How to Fix a Paper Jam

This interactive guide from Konica Minolta walks you through the step-by-step process for clearing paper jams from your specific bizhub model. Click here to check it out.

Drivers & Technical Support

Looking for software downloads, print drivers, or technical support? Check out the links and resources below.


Protect Yourself Against Office Supply Scams and Toner Pirates

Office supply scams are widespread and relatively common, yet many organizations still don't know that they exist, much less how to identify and avoid them. This guide outlines the information you need to protect your business from this common scam.
it assessment roadmap

Free Workbook: Is Document Management Right for Your Business?

See how you would benefit from features of Document Management Systems.
it assessment roadmap


Meridian in the Community: Cornerstones After School Snack Packs Program 2018

Today, Meridian's Community Outreach Committee gathered together with other employee volunteers to contribute to the Cornerstones After School Snack Pack program — assembling 118 snack bags for donation, which the Meridian delivery team will drop off next week.

The After School Snack Pack program entails preparing after-school snack bags for children served by Cornerstones programs

The Reston, VA based non-profit has been a Meridian Community Outreach partner for a number of years and primarily works in local apartment communities to connect residents to local services and often has children drop in after school for programs and help with their homework.


The Benefits of In-House Production Printing vs Outsourced Printing

Modern print technology has made it possible to produce large volumes of high-quality printed material right in the office. Depending on the size of your office, and your organization’s needs, print solutions are available in-house that in the past were only found at professional print facilities. In fact, print technology is so good now, particularly the multifunction printer (MFP), that many commercial print shops use the same machines found in many offices.

So, aside from the availability of professional equipment, why are many businesses now considering bringing production printing capabilities in-house?

Read on to learn more about the factors involved when considering in-house production printing vs. outsourced commercial printing, including:

  • Cost savings
  • Security
  • Control
  • Convenience and timing

Construction and Property Management: Technology trends to watch

These are the major changes and technology transformations that are influencing the construction and property management industry.

The construction and property management industry has been experiencing strong growth and expansion, with additional growth anticipated in the coming years — and with growth comes transformation.

There are a handful of technology trends influencing the construction and property management sector that are important for organizations in these fields to be aware of.

By gaining an understanding of the shifts that are taking place, they will be better positioned to recognize which organizational adjustments and operational strategy changes they need to make to prepare for the future and gain a competitive advantage.

In this post, I'll expand on a few notable trends I've noticed or been asked about in my dealings with clients in this field, including:

  1. Increased emphasis on collaboration
  2. Internet of Things (IoT)
  3. Virtual and augmented realities (AR and VR)
  4. Telepresence and automated receptionist systems