Intelligent Information Management

Automate Processes with an Intelligent Information Management Solution.

Meridian helps businesses increase workflow efficiency, storage, security, and compliance with Intelligent Information Management solutions designed and implemented throughout Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland.

  • Collect data from Internet and electronic forms
  • Validate all data as it is captured
  • Automate predictable decisions and tasks
  • Integrate centrally stored data with other crucial systems
  • Secure information from risk of damage
  • Eliminate paper and save valuable space
  • Sort, process, and digitize incoming documents
  • Improve compliance and streamline HR workflows

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Document Capture

An end-to-end solution for information capture including emails, PDF's, or paper documents.


Content Management

Store data centrally for better accessibility and security, and create automated workflows to increase productivity.


Document Scanning & Conversion

Scan existing paper documents, convert data into searchable content, and store your information in a centralized location for easy access.


Departmental Solutions

Automate and transform manual tasks across departments from accounts payable to human resources.

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