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The Benefits of In-House Production Printing vs Outsourced Printing

Brian Moran

Posted by Brian Moran
March 8, 2018

Modern print technology has made it possible to produce large volumes of high-quality printed material right in the office. Depending on the size of your office, and your organization’s needs, print solutions are available in-house that in the past were only found at professional print facilities. In fact, print technology is so good now, particularly the multifunction printer (MFP), that many commercial print shops use the same machines found in many offices.

So, aside from the availability of professional equipment, why are many businesses now considering bringing production printing capabilities in-house?

Read on to learn more about the factors involved when considering in-house production printing vs. outsourced commercial printing, including:

  • Cost savings
  • Security
  • Control
  • Convenience and timing
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The Top 5 Most Popular Office Technology Blog Posts of 2015

Jasmine Lancaster

Posted by Jasmine Lancaster
January 5, 2016

As we spring into the New Year, one of the best ways to ring in 2016 is to recap a few of the most popular posts published on our blog in the previous year. 2015 brought many successes and steady growth for the Meridian family. We showcased everything from ways small to midsized businesses can benefit from vCIO services, techniques that allow your business to “go green” to ensure environmental sustainability, along with a host of other blogs, which gave comprehensive access to information that could benefit you and your organization.

Most of our blog posts are aimed at answering questions we commonly hear from clients and prospects. Read on to take a look at the five most popular blog posts of 2015 — you may just find some answers to questions you've been wondering about, or ones you haven't even thought of yet!

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How Fiery Workflow Software Streamlines Digital Production Printing

Robert Bruce

Posted by Robert Bruce
September 23, 2014

In several previous blogs, I have raved about multifunction printers (MFP) and how I consider them to be one of the wonders of the Digital Age. The hardware itself—regardless of the brand—is a technological marvel. Using lasers to convert dry toner into high quality printed images rapidly and consistently is no small engineering feat. But the software that is really the brains behind digital printing is equally fascinating. The proper software workflow solution can effectively turbocharge an MFP by increasing job volume, decreasing turnaround time, and maximizing the hardware’s capabilities. One such workflow solution, which I have personal experience with, is EFI’s Fiery. Fiery is brand neutral and is ideal for medium- to high-volume production printing environments. Printers that utilize production workflow solutions, such as Fiery, are able to automate repetitive tasks, customize workflows and intelligently route jobs for output.

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