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Avison Young

I have personally been working with the professionals at Meridian Imaging Solutions for about 20 years, both with my current company, Avison Young, and previously with the company they purchased, McShea and Company. At the time we initially selected Meridian, we were very unhappy with our vendor at the time and were looking for a company that would not only sell us equipment, but would stand behind the equipment we purchased. We were looking for a company that was dependable, friendly to work with and reliable. Meridian fit that bill perfectly!

In retrospect, after all these years, Meridian, although much larger now, is still the friendly, dependable, reliable company they were back then when they started. I can still count on them to recommend the best technology for our needs and stand behind the product that they sell us.

We have come a long way since the first copier we bought from them, to now using multi-function color copiers and scanners to automate our electronic workflows for many processes and data storage. We actually scan more documents today than we print on our copiers!

I am a big believer in loyalty to a company that performs and Meridian earns that loyalty time after time. I have very high standards, which are not always easy to meet, but Meridian, from their delivery people, to sales, to service, all across the board have earned my utmost respect. They are the gold standard!

Great job everyone!

Avison Young

CATEGORIES: Real Estate/Construction/Property MGMT, Print Management, Office Equipment, B2B

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