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We switched to Meridian in December 2012 when we decided that we had outgrown our IT provider. We have a network with 30+ users, plus several remote users. We have about 20 printers and 4 copiers. Last fall we had decided to look into getting new copiers and start the process of going digital–new copiers that had that capability and software would be key. We looked into several different copiers and companies but when we found Meridian and learned that your company could handle not only the copiers, but also the printers, digital filing system, network, phone system, and would work with our vendors to troubleshoot problems, we were intrigued. Could one company handle it all? Would we want one company to handle it all?

We came out to your offices for a tour and demonstration of the copiers you sold. And then we came out again. Each time we were more impressed with the people we met, their knowledge of the products and of the current (and future) technology you were showing us. We decided to take the leap and start by buying four copiers from you with Fortis Blue and Equitrac and see how the service was. We were not disappointed. We then signed on to have you handle all our IT needs and handle all of our printer repairs and maintenance.

Each time the transition went smoothly. Your technicians are knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Your help desk is very responsive and has really taken away a lot of the stress I had before now that our staff call in directly with any problems they have. As promised, it has freed me up to do what I do best­—corporate finances. Your customer service is excellent. Your company has been able to solve long outstanding problems that our last IT company could never resolve. You stay up with current technology so I feel that we won't ever buy a product that is soon to be outdated.

All of us here at The Management Group Associates, Inc. are very glad that we switched over to Meridian to handle all of our IT, phone, copier, printer, and digital needs. We no longer fear one company to handle it all, as we feel that we found one company that can. Thanks for the great service, support, and advice so far and we look forward to a long relationship with your company!"

The Management Group Associates, Inc.
Real Estate/Property Management Client Since 2012

CATEGORIES: Real Estate/Construction/Property MGMT, Print Management, Document Solutions, Office Equipment

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