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GSA 51-100: Document Production On-site and Off-site Services

GSA Contract Number: GS-25F-0008T

Expiration Date: January 10, 2022

NAICS Code: 333244


Analog copiers have only copying capability. Digital/Multifunctional copiers have capabilities such as copying, printing, faxing, scanning to print/file, and/or facsimile with, post finishing solutions connected to individual and network stations with solutions. 

The Multi-functional digital copier may have integrated functional capabilities or modular expansion capabilities that permit functional upgrading. Both analog and digital/multifunctional copiers may have image enhancement capabilities (e.g., image magnification, reduction, contrast), paper handling capabilities (e.g., automatic paper selection, multiple paper trays, duplexing, collating), and/or document finishing capabilities (e.g., stapling, folding, punching). 

Copier speeds may vary from under 25 copies per minute to over 100 copies per minute with copying volumes from under 1,000 copies per month to over 450,000 copies per month. Engineering copiers also include both analog and digital copiers (e.g., copiers capable of using transparent and opaque originals to produce plain paper, vellum or polyester film copies and capable of copying A to E size drawings.

Full color, non-laser copiers, and other non-standard copier equipment (e.g., copy boards and easels) are included; also included are copy control devices and systems for equipment under this SIN that can be used to limit copier access to authorize users and to record copier usage. The devices include mechanical and electrical copy-controls (e.g., key counters, cartridges, interface kits) and copy-control systems (e.g., central data collection units, and related connection devices as an integrated package).

NOTE: Copiers purchased under this SIN with speeds under 100 copies per minute must meet the energy efficiency requirements set forth in ENERGY STAR specifications.

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