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5 Ways Law Firms Can Achieve Savings Through Print Fleet Management

by Todd Stanton - November 2, 2015 - MPS

5 Ways Law Firms Can Achieve Savings Through Print Fleet Management

It seems that "green" sentiments have seeped deeper into our consciousness and have begun to influence more day-to-day processes and decisions, including those in the legal industry.

Every once in a while, ABA Journal posts success stories about how law firms across the country are moving towards being green; both from an operations standpoint and an added perceived benefit for clients.

Not only can a firm, or any other organization, "go green" by adopting a print fleet management program, but they can also focus on cutting down unnecessary costs for your company. This can include toner/ink expenditures, which commonly place a large burden on a firm’s accounting books. By gallon, the price of toner can be more than 10x the price of gas, depending on printer model.

I've compiled a list of 10 ways a law firm, or virtually any other organization, can employ a print fleet management program, or managed print services, to "go green" while saving green. Here are the first 5: 

1. Eliminate personal desktop printers

Sure, personal desktop printers seem convenient, but providing a personal printer on every desk is far from cost-effective. Personal printers exponentially increase the cost of managing all of your print devices, especially if some of them actually have low volumes. Migrating the majority of your firm's print jobs to more efficient devices will save loads of money.

2. Scan more

The practice of buying up floors of high rise buildings to expand the file room is over. Scanning and document management solutions provide a multi-faceted solution to printing, manual filing, and faxing. Rather than having to mark up and copy a document multiple times, create an electronic copy that can be sorted and sent out to all appropriate parties in a matter of clicks.

3. Think before you print

Most users don’t think about the costs of printing. If you don’t require a client billing account to print, it’s even a bigger issue. Taking a moment to think about the necessity of printing can save a massive amount of resources wasted on toner.

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4. Stop printing twice

“And inevitably, as soon as you hit print, you realize you want to make a change to the document. It’s already processed. Oh well…recycle the old one and print a new document.” By setting automatic rules and a print queue, you can largely reduce the amount of wasted prints; end users are twice reminded about the potential toner/ink waste before they print.

5. Cut color

“Color printing is REALLY expensive.” Color adds a certain flare to presentations, but it’s unnecessary for most internal documents. Limit color printing to save yourself a ton of money.


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