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Top 3 Reasons DC Businesses Should Adopt Hybrid IT

Juliana Lee

Posted by Juliana Lee
Tue, Jul 07, 2015

Hybrid IT isn't just a growing trend — it's a complete shift in the way that we view IT, it's here to stay, and it can help your business succeed.

According to an IT trends study by The Society for Information Management (SIM), 27% of organizations had moved to a hybrid approach to IT organization and management by 2013 — a steady increase from the 15% of organizations who reported that they had hybrid IT in 2005.

Meanwhile, there is a steady decrease in centralized IT, from 74% of organizations having centralized IT in 2005, to 65% of organizations reporting a centralized approach for IT management in 2013. 

So what is Hybrid IT?

Put simply, Hybrid IT refers to an environment where elements of the IT infrastructure and applications are administered or maintained through multiple sources. This method of combining internal and external IT services is revolutionizing the roles of IT, but it is not necessarily brand new.

Read on for info on how businesses are already using Hybrid IT, as well as these top 3 reasons DC businesses should adopt it:

  1. Need to maintain control of data
  2. Benefits of having the right resources, when you need them and at a lower cost
  3. Desire for IT departments to respond quickly to changing business needs
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3 Immediate Benefits of a Hybrid IT Model

Robert Bruce

Posted by Robert Bruce
Tue, Apr 01, 2014

If the term 'hybrid information technology' sounds daunting to you, relax. You are already familiar with the concept of hybrid. You learned it in childhood. Remember Goldilocks? Papa Bear’s porridge was too hot, and Mama’s was too cold. Baby Bear split the difference and got it just right.

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