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Company Culture: The Family I Never Knew I Had

Tony Burns

Posted by Tony Burns
Fri, Apr 11, 2014

It was April 2013. I had been experiencing alot of back pain over about the last year and a half. The doctors told me eventually I would have to have surgery. During that time I wore a back brace to help ease the pain—every month cinching the brace tighter and tighter to make the pain more bearable. The last thing I wanted was spine surgery, but the doctors eventually told me it was absolutely necessary. I'll admit it, I was scared. I didn't know what would happen. Would I be able to work again? Would I have enough money to pay my bills? Would I have enough to make sure my cats got their cat treats and had a warm place to sleep? Would I end up alone with nothing, begging the state for assistance so I could survive? No, that didn't happen.

Get Well SoonThanks to the caring people at Meridian, I wasn't left alone. I found I had a family I didn't even know I had. Every other company I had worked for would have turned their backs on me, telling me if I didn't like it, the door was right there and I could leave. Not Meridian. They stood by me and showed me I was part of a family.

I read a statistic online that says on average most people have seven jobs before they find the right job. I say this because Meridian is my seventh job. No other company would have stood up for me the way Meridian did. The rest would have tossed me to the side and hired someone to replace me. Not Meridian. They stood up for me, and helped me when I really needed it.

On a personal note, I wanted everyone to see the letter sent to me by my fellow coworkers wishing me well. Something I would never have received from any other company. I've attached it for you all to see. People that I thought never noticed me, but were always my friends, even though I didn't notice. Thank you all. I will always be there for you, as you are there for me.

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Tony Burns is a field service technician at Meridian. He works each day to ensure that our mission—to provide excellent service to our customers—is a reality.

Tony Burns

Tony Burns

Tony Burns started working at Meridian in 2005. Tony has been in the industry for 25 years and received a degree in advanced electronics from the Navy in 1989. He has 3 cats named Rammy, Fluffy, and Snuggles.

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