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3 Innovative Technologies Set to Disrupt DC Business

Juliana Lee

Posted by Juliana Lee
Wed, Feb 25, 2015

Disruptive technologies set businesses apart from competitors and change the course of entire industries. In a region as competitive as the DC metro area, businesses must adapt to these game-changing innovations in order to remain competitive and profitable. 

Last week, Konica Minolta hosted an "Art of Disruption" event in Los Angeles, which served as their annual Dealer Conference and Expo. The impressive showcase included over 70 cutting-edge technologies that will drive the future of Mobility, Cloud, Content Management, Security, and more.

Here are three disruptive technologies showcased at the event that DC businesses need to know about:

  1. 3D printing
  2. Biometric iris authentication
  3. Light production printing

Read on for an overview of each of these three items, and how you can expect to see them impact business in the DC metro area.

1. Print anything you can imagine with 3D Printing

Konica showcased their strategic partnership with 3D Systems, which makes KM dealers like Meridian the first traditional office equipment providers in the US with the ability to sell, support and service 3D printing products. 3D printing applications are nearly unlimited and can be used in virtually any industry.

Here's just a few examples that come to mind:

Education- Think back to grade school science class, did your classroom include models of parts of the anatomy of humans, animals, and/or plant life? These models are an essential tool for teaching visual learners, and 3D printers allow educators to create them on-demand at a lower cost. 

Medical- Similar to educational applications, medical professionals can use 3D printing to create models that allow them to better communicate details about conditions and diagnostics to patients. 

Architecture and Construction- The architecture and construction industries can use 3D printing to quickly and cost-effectively create models of projects for clients and investors. 

Manufacturing- Companies can print parts on the fly to repair manufacturing equipment, minimizing downtime to maximize profitability. 

Services Industries- Broken pipe? Faulty component in an HVAC system? With the right templates, service providers could use 3D printing to generate replacement parts and speed up the repair process.
Who knows? Maybe companies like Meridian could eventually use 3D printers to produce replacement parts for your copiers and printers.

3D printing may not be a fit for every office, but it's something that everyone should be educated about.

2. Iris-Based Biometric Authentication lets you use your eyes as an alternative to passwords

EyeLock biometric iris authentication technologyKonica Minolta also showed EyeLock's biometric iris authentication technology. This new security product is far more secure than any other authentication method and could eventually replace passwords, ID cards, keys, and other methods for gaining access to:

  • Devices like copiers, computers, mobile phones, and tablets
  • Applications and websites
  • Doors, buildings, and even cars
  • And much more

This technology almost seems like something out of a sci-fi movie, and I think it will truly revolutionize security. Once it goes mainstream, I'm confident it will be widely adopted, especially in the nation's capital, with its many government agencies and government contractors.

Companies are currently working on ways to integrate biometric iris authentication into various technologies, and I'm excited about the prospect of being able to offer it to clients as an option to integrate with their print devices and solutions. Maybe it will eventually even help secure transactions and prevent identity theft.

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3. New "Light" Production Printing device makes professional printing easy and affordable

Last, but definitely not least, Konica's new "light" production printing device is poised to have a huge impact on DC businesses. It's not exactly a concept you'd find in a Star Wars movie, but it really fills a gap in the print industry. This user-friendly device has a larger built-in touchscreen monitor and an integrated Fiery controller included as standard features. 

Designed for those who need some features of high-quality production printing devices, but have lower budgets or print volumes. This item is a huge win for businesses who want to save money by bringing their outsourced professional print jobs in-house, without needing dedicated staff to manage and operate the device, or spending much time on user-training for all the bells and whistles that come on a full-blown production print solution.

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These three technologies are just a few of the items showcased at the event that are poised to change the way many businesses in the DC metro area function. The event left attendees truly inspired, especially after the impressive keynote address, delivered by Entrepreneur Robert Herjavec, from the hit show Shark Tank, and David Feherty, golf champion and star of the Golf Channel's show, Feherty

For more on the event, check out this great article and video walkthrough of the event hall posted by industry expert, Andy Slawetsky. You can also click here to check out more moments from the event in its official photo album.

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Juliana Lee

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